Anti-TPPA meeting tonight

Jane Kelsey is annoyed she wasn’t invited to CPTPP consultation so she could protest. She even objects to referring to it as the CPTPP.


We discovered less than a week ago that MFAT is hosting ‘consultations’ around the country, with David Parker, this week on the TPPA-11. It appeared to be a last-minute decision to do something before Xmas, and somehow they forgot to send invitations to critics who have attended previous ‘consultations’. Presumably the business sector was given priority notice. There is no information on the MFAT website, but we know at least about these:

Dunedin: Monday 4 December, 5:15pm – 7:15pm, Otago Southland Employers Association, 16 McBride Street, South Dunedin: Register now

Auckland: Tuesday 5 December, 6.00 to 7.30pm, Europe House, Auckland University of Technology, 56 Wakefield Street – Register now

Tauranga: Wednesday 6 December, 8:45am – 10:45am: Smart Business Centre, Bay Central Shopping Centre, 65 Chapel Street Register now

Hamilton: Thursday 7 December, 4:00pm – 6:00pm, PWC Building, Level 4, 109 Ward Street Register now

The obvious reaction is WTF? There’s no urgency to do this, as the ministers are apparently not now going to meet during the Buenos Aires WTO ministerial on 10-13 December. That suggests the government has been running focus groups or polling which tells them that people are not buying their spin on the old/new TPPA-11 (please let’s NOT call it the CPTPP). Or that they still hope to get a deal they can settle the remaining four issues and sign in February or March. Consulting now would mean the government could do this, claiming it has consulted, and not try to rush something over January which would create more of an outcry. Then they will have the proper ‘consultation’, when it’s too late to do anything.

The title gives a hint that Kelsey is anti whatever shape or form a Trans Pacific trade agreement might take.

If the pending ‘consultations’ are anything more than a cosmetic box-ticking exercise the Labour-NZ First government needs to be prepared to demand real, dramatic changes or walk away.

If they aren’t, they are expecting us to be complicit in authorising their u-turn on a deal they previously said they wouldn’t ratify. And we are not about to do that.

At The Daily Blog today:  BREAKING: The Daily Blog to livestream TPPA meeting 6pm tonight

It is almost incomprehensible that a meeting about the TPPA is being held in a tiny room like Europe House at AUT.

A decision this big demands far more respect than that.

Tonight from 6pm-7.30pm The Daily Blog will live stream this incredibly important debate.

We are doing this in conjunction with Professor Jane Kelsey and It’s Our Future and we desperately require donations to cover the cost of this.

Those donations may not have been forthcoming:

Now that the organising clout of Greens and Labour are presumably not so interested in protesting the agreement now they are in Government the protest movement seems to be marginalised. I haven’t seen anything in media about this protest meeting.


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  1. PartisanZ

     /  5th December 2017

    Inverted totalitarianism soars to new heights …

    A core tenet of so-called democracy and civilization, dissent, is marginalized, disrespected and ignored …

    Kia kaha Jane Kelsey.

    • Gezza

       /  6th December 2017

      Might just be an attempt to try and avoid having anyone on the receiving end of more dildo throwing?

      • Pickled Possum

         /  6th December 2017

        Or Gez a Steely Dan 111.

      • PartisanZ

         /  6th December 2017

        Why are ‘they’ so afraid of dildos?

        • Blazer

           /  6th December 2017

          exactly, you would think a pack of…..c#^*#~’s would welcome…them.

          • PartisanZ

             /  6th December 2017

            Did you like my set-up …?

            You’re punch line’s gonna be hard to beat today Blazer, in this contest of meaninglessness and would-be hilarity …

            I’ve heard Jane Kelsey describe herself as “a Hokianga girl” …

            Kia kaha Jane!

  2. Gezza

     /  6th December 2017

    Could be any number of reasons?
    Flying object, approaching at velocity – fear of injury?
    Loss of an eye or something – if they’re already as one-eyed as some here, losing the other one would be a disaster.
    Tried one & didn’t like it?
    Allergic to plastic or rubber …

    Use your imagination. Who here would like to be peacefully going about their business attending a meeting and next minute have a dildo thrown at them? I dunno. Blazer might, but I’d probably want to avoid that situation if could, & I suspect most people would.


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