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5 December 2017


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    • Pickled Possum

       /  December 5, 2017

      Really, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Work for the Dole, is what it is. Shane Jones said that a few times in his korero the other day. Secretly telling the msm what to write? Feeling a conspiracy theory coming on Gez. 😎

      The cartoon depicting him as a bull dog is just funni cause its stupid to think of Shane as a alpha dog. More like a pot licker that has been neutered.

      That bloody moon kept me up half the night!

      • PartisanZ

         /  December 5, 2017

        So Possum, do you think Jonesey repeatedly said “Work for the Dole” purposely? And if so why? Why set the media off on the wrong scent?

        It would make sense if it made them look like fools, but I reckon most people will side with te media on this one …

        My theory is he wants to be seen giving to the NEETs with one hand and slapping them with the other, so he can be perceived by Rightie supporters of NZFirst to still be slapping the benes?

        Another explanation could be pig ignorance … In which case he’s not a dog at all.

        • Gezza

           /  December 5, 2017

          My theory is that [deleted – use proper names] is, fundamentally, an idiot who went to Harvard, & returned afterwards, still an idiot. The best that can be hoped for is that someone in his department might be able to achieve something useful in spite of him & Christ I’m glad I’m not working in it.

  1. PartisanZ

     /  December 5, 2017

    It stood to reason, there had to be something more to the whole “Predator Free NZ” campaign and here it is – or part of it – US military-funded gene editing experiments under the guise of ‘conservation’. Gbird, and the moral dilemma for Conservationists and the Greens (hence Labour-led, hence all of us) … poisoning on a ‘carpet-bombing’ scale or genetic modification on an ‘eradication’ or “species extinction” scale …?

    ‘Conservation minister opposes GM-rodent plan’ – Herald

    There’s a confusing bunch of references here to local and overseas corporate entities, NGOs and lobby groups like Predator Free NZ Ltd – presumably the company given a govt monopoly to implement National’s policy – Gbird, NZ Incorporated, Darpa Investments, and ‘whistleblowers’ “ETC Group, a lobby group which has represented small-scale farmers and shifted to opposing genetic modification”. Shifted to …?

    Inverted totalitarianism in FULL FLIGHT?

    The downstream, unexpected consequences of our ‘war on tobacco’ should give us a clue as to what might happen here …?

    • PartisanZ

       /  December 5, 2017

      By “full flight” I mean soaring high on wings of ideological manipulation and economic usury, riding the warming climate currents of humanity’s ignorance, greed, cupidity, violence and knavish malignancy …

  2. Zedd

     /  December 5, 2017

    You can tell when POTUS is in trouble (& about to be booted ?) when the media start playing footage of Nixon (after Watergate) claiming ‘POTUS is effectively above the law’.. reportedly Mr Ts lawyers are now making similar noises too !! 😦 😀

  3. Zedd

     /  December 5, 2017

    In-light of a lot of ‘sexual scandal’ in recent world news.. I see that Mr T is now trying to distance himself from ‘that recording’ of him saying ‘he grabbed women on their genitals & they like it, when he groped them.’
    Al Jz report; he recently called it “FAKE NEWS” & alleged it was not his voice (someone does a very good imitation ?) More evidence he is living on a total Fantasy-Island

    btw; Al Jz also say they have a recording of a US senator confirming, he heard Mr T saying these things.. 😦

  4. Mefrostate

     /  December 5, 2017

    Interesting piece of analysis over on reddit which suggests that the Ghahraman attacks have all the signs of dirty politics:

    • PartisanZ

       /  December 5, 2017

      Thanks for the excellent research Mefrostate.

      Sorry to say this but “all the signs of dirty politics”?

      … No shit Sherlock!

      • Mefrostate

         /  December 5, 2017

        Just to be clear, this research is not mine.

    • High Flying Duck

       /  December 5, 2017

      Interesting read.

      I would point out PQ apologised for saying GG was a genocide denier, and that it was posted in a “rush of excitement”.

      Also, the main thrust of the issue has been that she misrepresented what she did and did not correct others who misrepresented her role.

      She has stated several inaccurate versions of what she did, and the misleading representation was widespread. Her counter that the reality was hiding in plain sight is weak IMO.

      I will also add the story is dead, she has lived to fight another day, and has hopefully learned that honesty is the best policy.

      As an aside, the only people I have seen putting out the argument that she was morally reprehensible for working on the defence are those using it as a straw man argument against what was actually being alleged.

      The accusations were primarily around misrepresentation and then maybe judgement issues in volunteering to help these people and then carrying on doing the same when back in NZ.

      The legal paper not saying what Quinn says it does, if true, is probably more due to one eyed reading by him than “dirty politics”. He seems genuinely vested in the issue and there has been no signs of coordinated hit job stories. I haven’t read and will not be reading the paper in question – time to move on.

    • High Flying Duck

       /  December 5, 2017

      He’s still tweeting, and to be fair his argument around the defence strategy being that of genocide denial is not without merit…

    • PDB

       /  December 5, 2017

      You can believe that fairy tale or else believe the more simple explanation that Quin is passionate about Rwanda (& being more traditional old Labour no great friend of the Greens), Ghahraman mislead as to her past work history in that country thus upset him, and in the ensuing debate opportunist right-wing blogs took the opportunity to ‘put the boot’ into a far left-wing MP that had been blowing her own trumpet.

      • Blazer

         /  December 5, 2017

        You can…Quin is now’passionate’ about …Colombia….and was quite passionate at pointing out Newstalk ZB don’t pay for interviews…a very…passionate mercenary ,I mean

        • High Flying Duck

           /  December 5, 2017

          Hell hath no fury like a Labourite scorned?

  1. Context behind Quin’s allegations against Ghahraman | Your NZ