Members’ Bill ballot today

The last Members’ Bill ballot of the last term was in June. The first ballot of the new term will be today. As they can only be submitted by members who are not Ministers this provides an opportunity for all national MPs, and new Ministers will have had to drop their bills or hand them over to other MPs who are not Ministers.

David Farrar has a list of 48 bills in 1st members’ bill ballot with numbers per party (with number of non-minister MPS):

  • Labour: 24/26
  • National: 15/56
  • Greens: 5/5
  • NZ First 4/5

National MPs who were Ministers would not have had bills already prepared, hence why so few are in the ballot. I expect that by early next year National will have over 50 bills in the ballot.

Going by that list Labour Ministers have handed their bils over to new MPs.

Graeme Edgeler commented:

It’s likely some will be added before the ballot is held tomorrow.

But has the opposite happened? Farrar’s list doesn’t correspond with the list on Parliament’s website which has just 24 bills listed under Proposed Members’ Bills.

There could be changes by the time of the ballot at noon. Three bills will be drawn.




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  1. High Flying Duck

     /  13th December 2017

    The Euthanasia bill is being debated earlier than expected due to Labour not having any legislation to put up on Wednesday. That should be an interesting one to follow.
    It seems frothy feel good and targeted taxing are much easier to pontificate on in opposition than to turn into legislation.


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