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  1. sorethumb

     /  22nd December 2017

    Europe’s Era of Harmony Is Over
    The periphery is coming apart. Whether those countries leave the EU, are pushed out, or stay is of little consequence. The common experience of Eastern Europeans makes them unique. The experience of southern Europeans in the past 10 years makes them unique. Britain has never been anything but unique. And Germany is by far the most unique, the most unlike any other nation in Europe. What the EU doesn’t want to face is that Europe is a continent of many unique nations and nothing more….
    [The EU is] an idea that could never have worked, and is not working.


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  4. Missy

     /  22nd December 2017

    And today another rape case where vital evidence was initially withheld from the lawyers. A man was accused of raping a woman several times in his office, crucial evidence was disclosed just days before the trial began. In this case (unlike the previous two in the last week) the evidence was conclusive enough to show him as being innocent, as such the trial continued. After a seven day trial the jury found the defendant not guilty.

    In case one a student had the case dropped because text messages originally withheld by the police showed that the sex was consensual.

    In case two a man was accused of having sex with a person under 16, there was no indication it was non-consensual but purely based on her age. Text messages were withheld by the police that showed the girl repeatedly lied about her age and misrepresented herself as being 19 or 20. This case was dropped.

    In the latest case it was medical records that were reportedly withheld as the complainant did not want them to be released, despite them being approved for release by a judge. There were also text messages from the woman shortly after the alleged attack to a tabloid trying to sell the story and get a more sympathetic hearing. The man was an aide in a prominent MP’s office.

    As I posted yesterday, there are serious cultural issues within the CPS and police around the treatment of rape cases, not least which is the automatic right of the complainant to be believed no questions asked.

    I think this will be an issue that will be ongoing well into the new year, there is a call for an independent inquiry into it, time will tell if the Government decide to go down that route. At present the Metropolitan Police are reviewing 30 cases about to go to court, and other police forces in the country are reviewing cases as well.

  5. Missy

     /  22nd December 2017

    A couple of days ago the Telegraph told the story of a Tongan rugby player who went to Romania and now is stuck there. Below is the shortened version.

    A Tongan Rugby Player got a professional contract playing rugby in Romania, he had been there less than a year when he was diagnosed with Kidney Disease, and he now needs daily Dialysis. Whilst the club supported him and provided housing etc during the term of his contract, continuing to pay him a pro rata pay, once his contract ended he was kicked out of his accommodation and has no income. He can’t go home as Tonga does not have a dialysis machine, and he will die if he returns. His visa is due to run out, so he is now in a situation where he may be kicked out of Romania and sent back to Tonga to die.

    The story was originally being used to highlight the gap between some of the wealthier clubs and those with less money, and players that are recruited for them, and the exploitation of many players who are just trying to make a better life for themselves – players mostly from the Pacific (but not solely).

    However, in the article the Telegraph mentioned a just giving page set up by the Pacific Rugby Players Welfare Group, and as a result the appeal has raised over 22,000 pounds in 24 hours from Telegraph readers in the UK.

    Surely paying for Tonga to get the equipment to be able to treat Kidney disease is something our international aid could pay for, we provide other aid to the islands why not this? This man cannot be the only Tongan with this disease and in need of this treatment, and getting the equipment required would help so many in Tonga.


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