The 20 best things Trump has done

Marc Thiessen at The Washington Post The 10 best things Trump has done in his first year in office:

  1. Enforced President Barack Obama’s red line against Syria’s use of chemical weapons
  2. Taken a surprisingly tough line with Russia approving a $47 million arms package for Ukraine, sent troops to Poland’s border with Russia and imposed new sanctions on Moscow for violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.
  3. Recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Four American presidents promised to do it, but only one actually did.
  4. Withdrew from the Paris climate agreement helping usher in a new age of American energy development.
  5. Got NATO allies to kick in $12 billion more toward our collective security
  6. Virtually eliminated the Islamic State’s physical caliphate
  7. Admitted he was wrong on Afghanistan and reversed Obama’s disastrous withdrawal.
  8. Enacted historic tax and regulatory reform that has unleashed economic growth.
  9. Installing conservative judges who will preside for decades
  10. Delivered the coup de grace that ended the Clinton political machine.

David Farrar posted on this at Kiwiblog, and in comments nz_aj added another ten:

11) Cut 16 rules and regulations for every one created, saving $8.1 billion.
12) Blocked $9 billion in foreign aid from being used for abortions.
13) $285-million cut in the United Nations’ 2018 budget, a 16% cut to UNICEF funding, ending funding for U.N. climate change programs and signalled potential further budget cuts in future
14) Repealed the individual mandate in ObamaCare
15) Increase of the GDP above 3 percent.
16) Creation of 1.7 million new jobs, cutting unemployment to 4.1 percent.
17) Saw the Dow Jones reach record highs.
18) A rebound in economic confidence to a 17-year high.
19) Made progress to build the border wall with Mexico.
20) Removed 226,119 illegal aliens, an increase of 40% from the previous fiscal year. 92% of illegal aliens arrested by ICE during the Trump Administration, either had a criminal conviction or a pending criminal charge, were an ICE fugitive, or were an illegal re-entrant.

Some of this are valid achievements.

Some are questionable – things like economic trends and unemployment will have had some flow on effect from the Obama presidency.

Some are likely to have both positive effects, like recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the net effect could end up going either way.

And some are far too soon to call.

Tax reforms were long overdue, but it will take years to evaluate the effects of the packaged that ended up passing.

And significant retraction from climate change and climate science could turn out ok, or could be quite detrimental to the US and the world.

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  1. David

     /  29th December 2017

    I have another 76 to add to the list, and that was after culling back because there are so many great things that have happened this year under Trump.
    What a time to be alive.

    • Conspiratoor

       /  29th December 2017

      How do you think Nikki Haleys threats will translate to action against this country?

    • Mefrostate

       /  29th December 2017

      Go on then..

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  29th December 2017

        Saying that they were making a list of those who disrespected (disagreed with) the US sounded like threats to me.We weren’t told what the result would be, of course.

  2. Zedd

     /  29th December 2017

    I hear Mr T has proudly announced he has signed/passed more bill into law, in his 1st year, than any other POTUS since WW2.. “more FAKE NEWS”, the reporter said !

    • David

       /  29th December 2017

      You hear a lot of things, are you sure they are not just voices in your head?

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  29th December 2017

        Mt T also announced proudly that he had brought back ‘Merry Christmas’ despite there being video of the last 5 presidents saying this.

  3. Joe Bloggs

     /  29th December 2017

    The International Community respects the U.S. Office of the Presidency. Its current occupant, not so much.

    What trump has “changed” is trust in America as a responsible partner in international affairs. Countries are now beginning to take matters into their own hands to hedge against America’s new-found chaotic sense of nationalistic unreliability and polarised tribalism.That’s his real legacy.

    • David

       /  29th December 2017

      “What trump has “changed” is trust in America as a responsible partner in international affairs. ”

      When has America ever been a ‘responsible partner’? To quote Bernard Lewis; America is harmless as an enemy but treacherous as a friend.

      “Countries are now beginning to take matters into their own hands to hedge against America’s new-found chaotic sense of nationalistic unreliability and polarised tribalism.That’s his real legacy.”

      You do realise this is Trump policy don’t you? His stated goal is to get other countries to carry more of their own load. This represents a very real success of Trump policy.

      He will go into 2020 with this as being a real achievement. His reelection is assured.

  4. Corky

     /  29th December 2017

    Only need one item, not twenty.

    The best thing Trump has done…IS SOMETHING!

  5. Going public with a strategy like that seems odd, unless it is simply an attempt at winning in PR. The courst are unlikely to take any notice of media claims and attacks.

    • David

       /  29th December 2017

      Flynn is a liar, he’s been charged with criminal lying and Trump fired him for lying. It does not seem like the most closely guarded secret to use this should he ‘accuse’ Trump of anything.

      This is really at the ‘do bears shit in the woods’ level of journalism.

      • But Trump has previously been full of praise for Flynn, so u-turning to attack may seem a tad ‘convenient’.

        President Donald Trump’s lawyers are reportedly preparing to cast former national security Michael Flynn as a liar if Flynn accuses Trump of any wrongdoing as part of his ongoing cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller.

        But that strategy could raise an “obvious question,” said criminal law professor David Sklanksy: Why did Trump “stick with Flynn, trust him with national secrets, and defend him as a ‘very good person‘ even after learning about the precise behaviour that they now say shows that Flynn is utterly untrustworthy?”

        The defence strategy Trump’s team reportedly plans to adopt is fairly standard, legal experts say. By impugning the character of the prosecution’s star witness – especially one who has already admitted to lying to federal agents – defence lawyers can argue his testimony isn’t credible.

        Any attacks on Flynn by the defence, however, “would be an uncomfortable 180” given Trump’s consistent and public praise of Flynn over the past 10 months, said Jens David Ohlin, a criminal law expert and vice dean at Cornell Law School.

        “It is a standard or typical defence strategy, but that’s because clients usually listen to their lawyers and keep quiet so as to preserve their options down the line,” Ohlin said Thursday.

        “Trump didn’t do that. He’s repeatedly said over and over again, in private and public, that Flynn is a good guy who has been treated unfairly by the media and by this process. If Trump turns around and impugns Flynn’s character, it would be an uncomfortable 180. It doesn’t withstand rational – or logical – scrutiny.”

        Asked about Flynn’s guilty plea earlier this month, Trump lamented what he saw as “unfair” treatment by the FBI and Department of Justice.

        “I feel very badly for Gen. Flynn,” Trump told reporters.

        “Hillary Clinton lied many times to the FBI, and nothing happened to her,” he continued. “Flynn lied, and it destroyed his life, and I think it’s a shame.”

        “It’s not so much that you can’t attack someone you’re previously praised,” Sklansky said. “Lots of criminal defendants claim they were taken in by someone who they later learned they shouldn’t have trusted. But Trump praised Flynn, and kept him on as National Security Advisor, even after Trump knew that Flynn had lied to Pence-and possibly after he knew that he had lied to the FBI.”

        Trump has also refused to rule out a pardon for the man his legal team reportedly plans to demean, and he continued to praise Flynn’s character even after he was forced out of the administration.

        “Michael Flynn, General Flynn, is a wonderful man,” Trump said at a press conference following Flynn’s resignation. “I think he’s been treated very, very unfairly by the media.”

        Trump is well known for inconsistency. Unless he testifies in court then what he and his PR team spread around won’t have any legal weight – and what they say could easily harm their case.

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  1. “10 worst things Trump has done in 2017” | Your NZ

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