“10 worst things Trump has done in 2017”

Following up as promised Mark Thiessen lists The 10 worst things Trump has done in his first year in office (he hasn’t finished his first year, he has three weeks to go).

10. He has made no effort at bipartisanship.

Trump says this may change:

9. He has spent more time attacking Republicans than Democrats.

Trump needs to expand his Senate majority if he wants to pass his agenda. Yet he spent an inordinate amount of time in his first year at war with members of his own party.

He seems to war with anyone who won’t let him get what he wants or who criticises him.

8. He is empowering al-Qaeda in Syria.

By forging a de facto alliance with Russia and Iran to defeat the Islamic State, Trump is driving Sunni Arabs into the waiting arms of al-Qaeda — which is preparing to replace the Islamic State and is much more dangerous.

The Middle East was always going to be difficult for the US to deal with. One problem solved can be another in the making.

7. He is giving Miranda rights to captured terrorists.

Trump promised to start treating captured terrorists as enemy combatants again, but instead of intelligence-driven interrogation and sending terrorists to Guantanamo Bay, he has continued Obama’s criminal-justice approach to terrorist detention.

That doesn’t sound bad to me, it sounds like a sensible approach.

6. He has attacked the FBI and the intelligence community. 

Trump is right to be angry about leaks of private conversations with foreign leaders and the political bias of some individuals involved in the Russia probe. But the vast majority of those in the FBI, the Justice Department and the CIA are good, decent and honorable patriots who deserve the president’s respect.

Trump should not undermine our institutions because of the corrupt or illegal actions of some individuals.

That last sentence is somewhat ironic, given his ongoing attempts to discredit an investigation into possible corrupt or illegal actions.

5. His noxious tweets undermine his presidency.

He overshadowed his policy achievements, his excellent address to Congress and speeches in Saudi Arabia, Warsaw and South Korea by tweeting about Obama “wiretapping” him, gloating over Arnold Schwarzenegger’s failure on “The Apprentice” and attacking the hosts of “Morning Joe.” Trump fails to understand that the power and grandeur of the presidency are greater than any of the smash-mouth tactics that got him into the office.

His tweets have at times been very risky and stupid for President. He seems to think he has to continue campaigning a year after winning the election, playing to his shrinking base (so not very successfully). He is at ongoing risk of creating a major problem through being a knee-jerk jerk.

4. He fired James B. Comey.

If he wanted a change in FBI leadership, he should have announced it the day after the election. Comey’s belated firing led directly to the Mueller probe, which hangs over the Trump presidency like the Sword of Damocles.

3. He has dismissed Russian interference in the 2016 election.

During his trip to Asia, Trump said he really believes that when Vladimir Putin tells him Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election, Putin believes it. This is patently absurd. Putin directed Russia’s meddling. It is possible to accept that Russia sought to influence our election without accepting that there was any collusion. The fact that a foreign government tried to undermine our democracy should outrage all Americans, regardless of party — including the president.

In trying to defend himself (which is fair enough) Trump appears to be supporting or at least sweeping under the carpet what should be seen as an outrageous attempt by a foreign power to influence the outcome of a US election.

2. He stood by Roy Moore.

His endorsement of an alleged sex predator was morally indefensible and sent a message to women everywhere that Republicans do not believe that credible allegations of a grown man molesting teenage girls are disqualifying.

He backed Moore and lost, not a good look for Trump on it’s own, but backing an alleged predator, on top of Trump’s own questionable past, sent awful signals.

1. He has failed to condemn the alt-right.

His “many sides” response to Charlottesville was shameful. There a lot of things about the presidency that are hard, but condemning neo-Nazis isn’t one of them. While Trump eventually did so, as white nationalist Richard Spencer pointed out, “Trump has never denounced the Alt-Right. Nor will he.” Sadly, Spencer is right. Trump’s failure to condemn the right’s fever swamps hurts his presidency and the conservative movement.

Trump has left himself open to more problems from the Alt-Right.

Trump should be celebrating a year of achievement, but instead his administration is hemorrhaging public support. When Trump took office, he had 45 percent approval. Yet today — despite policy successes at home and abroad, economic growth exceeding 3 percent and unemployment at a 17-year low — his approval has dropped 10 points to 35 percent, the lowest of any modern president at this time in his administration.

Actually Trump’s RCP approval rating has improved a bit leading into the close of 2017, back to about 40% (-16%), but it is still not good for a first year president.

Any presidency will have positives and negatives, but for Trump the bad, the obnoxious and the failures continue to generally overshadow his successes, and continue to make his presidency a high risk game of reality politics.

One of the worst mistakes Trump makes is not learningf from his mistakes.

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  1. David

     /  31st December 2017

    He is an endless source of great entertainment, he is bloody funny and he drives the left absolutely insane and for that I forgive him any slight and harmless misstep he may have made.
    What he has done is given the Americans a civics lesson and US politics will never be the same again.

  2. Corky

     /  31st December 2017

    Most of the above are fluff, unworthy of mention. Because of Trumps abrasive high profile, many of those things have continued to be touted way past their use-by date. However, not all:

    7. ”He is giving Miranda rights to captured terrorists.”

    Trump needs to get with the programme and deliver on his promise to deal harshly with this scum. Torture and execution should be mandatory. The same treatment terrorists gave their innocent victims- men, women,children, animals and historic places of interest.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  31st December 2017

      What about a trial ? Or is that an unnecessary refinement ?

      Should we not be on a higher level than these people ? By doing as they do, one would be as bad as they are.

      • Corky

         /  31st December 2017

        Please.. you have trials for human beings.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  31st December 2017

          Well, if these are not human beings, they are not responsible for their actions and any blame, still less punishment is totally inappropriate.

  3. Conspiratoor

     /  31st December 2017

    Interesting that most of the above are behavioural issues and have no tangible impact on the lives of ordinary americans

  4. George

     /  31st December 2017

    His tweets circumvent a noxious media.
    Just watch a video of a press conference.
    Those who once wrote for a media that used ink by the ton are now fighting for space in a world where any-one can be a media.
    President Trump (remember, he’s the bloke who won the Presidential race) doesn’t take crap

  5. Gezza

     /  31st December 2017

    Trumpy not only takes crap he repeats & retweets it.

  6. Trevors_elbow

     /  31st December 2017

    If the tax cuts deliver an economic boom the above wont matter. Look to Reagans playbook for Trumps strategy… its all laid out there and the bogeyman this time will China

  7. Alan Wilkinson

     /  31st December 2017

    Trivia aren’t they? And this is all the Left have to show from their Great Satan?


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