National’s campaign on roading

The National Opposition has revved up early in the political year with a campaign on roading. Over the last two days they have launched a number of press releases and petitions:

National Party launches bid to save highway projects

The National Party has today launched a series of petitions aimed at saving regional highway projects at risk because of the Government’s obsession with Auckland trams…

MPs launch bid to save road of national significance

National MPs Todd Muller, MP for Bay of Plenty and Scott Simpson, MP for Coromandel have today launched a campaign to ensure the Katikati to Tauranga four-lane Road of National Significance proceeds as planned by the previous National Government.

Four-lanes crucial to Canterbury growth

Rangitata MP Andrew Falloon has today launched a petition aimed at saving plans to extend State Highway 1 between Christchurch and Ashburton to four lanes.

Tauranga to Hamilton expressway extension at risk

National’s petition to extend the Waikato Expressway from Cambridge to Tirau and from Cambridge to the Kaimai Range was launched today, announced MPs for Tauranga and Hamilton East…

Napier to Hastings Expressway at risk

MP for Tukituki Lawrence Yule has today launched a petition aimed at saving the project that would ensure the four laning of the Napier to Hastings Expressway…

Waimak MP backs petition to save motorway project

MP for Waimakariri Matt Doocey says the Christchurch Northern Motorway from Belfast to Pegasus should not be put at risk while the Government attempts to divert billions of dollars…

Petition launched to support East-West Link

National MPs Denise Lee, Simeon Brown and Jami-Lee Ross have today launched a petition to gather support for the East-West Link which is now uncertain under the new Government.

Until now the Government has seemed to be on holiday, but this has dragged Minister of Transport Phil Twyford into the new year in a hurry. He has responded in part.

ODT: Transport concerns unfounded: minister

Suggesting the Government was not going ahead with roading projects which do not exist is misleading, a spokeswoman for Transport Minister Phil Twyford says.

Responding to National Party transport spokeswoman Judith Collins claims the Government was diverting financing, Mr Twyford’s spokeswoman said the New Zealand Transport Agency had advised funding for road upgrades could not be redirected into rail.

“National’s concerns are unfounded. The Mill Rd Corridor upgrade is an Auckland Transport project and planning is continuing.

“The Labour-led Government has not altered any existing roading projects except Auckland’s East-West link and officials are working to identify a lower-cost, better-value option.”

Mr Twyford’s spokeswoman said it was important to note the other “highway projects” referred to in National’s petition did not exist.

They were election campaign promises made by National in August last year and never costed or funded.

“To suggest the Government isn’t going ahead with projects that don’t exist is misleading. And to suggest non-existing funding be diverted into rail is nonsensical.”

National’s spokesperson for Transport, Judith Collins, is coordinating the petitions.

Ms Collins launched national petitions yesterday aimed at saving national regional highway projects.

Regional highway projects were at risk because of the Government’s obsession with Auckland trams, she said.

Ms Collins said the Transport Minister now had several of those projects under review.

”That’s not good enough. Our regional communities deserve them and the National Party is committed to fighting for them.”

Twyford has a lot on his ministerial plates -n he has already been put under the Housing spotlight. It looks likke being a busy year for him.

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  1. Mefrostate

     /  12th January 2018

    National are doing an excellent job of ensuring my vote doesn’t drift back to them as this government uses up their political capital. I have no interest in voting for a party that has already wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on low benefit-cost ratio roading projects (many of which were net value destroying), ignored well-evidenced alternatives for purely ideological reasons, and clearly intends to continue in this vein. Not to mention their annoying rhetorical tricks of pretending like Labour have cancelled projects which never actually existed.

  2. Gerrit

     /  12th January 2018

    National are doing an excellent job of ensuring the votes from those people who want better roads, is directed back to National.

    I would say this is just an opening salvo in a 3 years (or sooner) campaign to put Labour.NZFirst/Greens onto a divided coalition.

    Want NZFirst regional development?, requires roads.

    Greens hate roads.

    Let the conflict begin.

    Next will be charter schools. Labour’s union masters hate charter schools, Davis and Jackson from labour plus a portion from NZFirst like charter schools.

    Let the conflict begin.

    etc., etc., etc.

    Popcorn time.

    • Blazer

       /  12th January 2018

      my window is open and I hear drifting from the lily ponds….gerrit,…..gerrit,gerrit……..gerrit….

  3. Corky

     /  12th January 2018

    Excellent. It matters not whether this rhetoric is feasible or not. What’s important is National realise they must now work for a living. Looks like Labour’s band of merry socialists will have their holidays cut short. Pressure and more pressure…make the cracks appear.

  4. Well done National such an effective Opposition, and so soon. Showing the govt how a decent and hungry Opposition is supposed to work. Yes, votes will drift back /stay with National over this. Trains get you only so far, Auckland is far too big not to have a decent roading system. Judith Collins is one to watch, and National still surge ahead in all polls. MMP can’t quash this lot, despite Winston.


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