Sweden warn’s about “security situation in neighborhood”

Sweden is bringing back conscription and is sending out leaflets urging citizens to prepare for “different kinds of attacks on society and Sweden”.  One concern is “Russia aggression”.

CNN: Sweden to publish leaflets warning citizens over potential war

Sweden is preparing to issue leaflets to 4.7 million households this spring amid growing fears it could be dragged into the perils of war.

The leaflets, which urge citizens to prepare for “crisis and catastrophes in peacetime, but also for different kinds of attacks on society and Sweden,” is the latest step in the country’s revamped defense strategy in response to perceived Russian aggression.The pamphlet is prompted partly by the “security situation in our neighborhood,” meaning the Baltic area, a Civil Contingencies Agency spokesperson told CNN on Wednesday.

The leaflets, which will be published later this year, aim to educate Swedes on how to prepare in case “their world gets turned upside down,” and ask municipal regions to ready previous Cold War bunkers.

According to a spokesperson for the Civil Contingencies Agency, the literature will also provide practical tips to ensure citizens have all the necessary food, water and blankets stocked at home.

The country suspended conscription in 2010 and instead adopted a recruitment system which relied on volunteers.
But it changed tack in March 2017, announcing conscription would return in 2018.

In May 2017 Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist told CNN: “The Russian regime has showed they are ready to use military powers to fulfill political goals.”

We often don’t appreciate how lucky we are here on the other side of the world.

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  1. artcroft

     /  18th January 2018

    Fake News! Everyone knows Putin is wrapped around Trump’s little finger. There will be no Baltic war and no air accidents in 2018. Trump won’t let it happen.

  2. In the meantime in their real world TODAY, it’s hardly outside threats unless you count the migrant bombers


    • Corky

       /  18th January 2018

      ”We often don’t appreciate how lucky we are here on the other side of the world.”

      I’m very grateful, and have expressed such sentiments many times on this blog. I must admit there was a time when I thought New Zealand was a shithole. How wrong I was.

      I wonder if this push to have Sweden war-ready, is just a cover to have citizens ready for civil war should Sweden take back areas heavily populated with immigrants.

      Looking at Travellers list above I would say Sweden is already at war.

    • David

       /  18th January 2018

      Hand grenades are surprisingly easy to get in Sweden.

  3. David

     /  18th January 2018

    Sweden has more domestic problems to deal with as its become the rape central, no go zones, hand grenade attacks and other associated immigrant issues to the point where they have pretty much shut the border.
    Wouldnt surprise to see a right wing anti immigrant party in power like in Austria, Hungary, Poland and other near wins in Europe.


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