Most parties support improved TPP

New Zealand looks set to join ten other countries in signing a revised Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal in Chile in March, although after being a strong advocate National say they want to see the final text before giving their full approval.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said the revisions have substantially improved the agreement, but it’s probably closer to being a few final tweaks.

It has been reported that Ardern has spent some time over the holiday period encouraging Canada’s Justin Trudeau to get on board after backing away late last year. Canada look like they could lose the NAFTA agreement (with the USA and Mexico) so being left out of the TPP would have isolated them more.

NZ First say they will now support the agreement.

Greens say they will still oppose it, but the three larger parties plus ACT make up most of the votes in Parliament.

Jane Kelsey and a few others will continue opposing the deal, probably regardless of what is changed.

There may be some protests but I think they will be nothing like the protests here in 2016 – Labour won’t be organising protests against themselves obviously, and while the Greens remain opposed they are likely to be far less active acting against the interests of the Government they are now a part of.

Most voters are unlikely to care much, and are unlikely to be motivated to moan.

So it looks like a done deal that will get approved by a select committee, ratified by Government and signed in Chile in March.

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  1. Gezza

     /  24th January 2018

    On 1ewes, at Ratana, Jacinda said that it’s not perfect but there have been significant improvements and it will be great for our exporders.

  2. Let’s do a quid pro quo on opening up the coalition document. You show that to us first

  3. Oh look over there Left Wingers – its the river Labour just sold you down…. Suckers!!! And guess what the USA will be party to the agreement inside a decade anyway…

    • Mefrostate

       /  24th January 2018

      I’m a left winger who’s long-supported the TPP. I like the CPTPP even more than the original since it softens some of the bits I didn’t like.

      I’d love it if USA eventually became a part of the CPTPP, by following the existing rules rather than using their weight to demand terms more favourable to the US (and less favourable to NZ). That seems unlikely under the existing right wing president though.

      Seems to me like sometimes the left can do good things and sometimes the right can do bad ones. Who knew.

      • Good for Mefro… there where parts of the TPPA I didn’t like – particularly the IP related stuff. And like you I hope the US comes back to the table eventually.

        My post was light hearted in nature meant to needle Blazer and Parti given their steadfast anti-Americanism and anti free trade…. I think I may have triggered Balzer ; )

    • Corky

       /  24th January 2018

      These Lefties are cut -throat operators. If they eat their own, imagine what they’d do to Righties like us,,Dave.

    • Blazer

       /  25th January 2018

      clairvoyancy another of your …many..skills.Nationals self proclaimed negotiator extraordinaire…Tim Groser was too busy swallowing ‘rats’ to cut a deal for NZ.

      • Geez – your bile and bitterness never end do they….. Go to the dairy and buy some sweeties blazer old chap – you need a little sugar to sweeten you up….

        So tell me why are you not howling about it being a shite deal now its had the word “progressive” added to its title??? No dead rats in their any more? Is it magically a far superior deal now? Or is it just the dread “American Empire” has withdrawn from the agreement?

  4. Zedd

     /  24th January 2018

    Its good to see the Greens have ‘stuck to their guns’ on this; not supported
    BUT Lab./NZF will still get it passed, due to reported support from Natl. It would be weird, for them to play the ‘politics card’ after years of singing the TPPAs praises (or the latest agreed version), to now vote against it… purely for the sake of power games :/

  5. David

     /  24th January 2018

    So little has changed aside from tidying a few things up after the US left goes to show that at the end of the day Labour and national are quite similar on the things that really matter. It was historically bipartisan until Labour went feral so hopefully things will return to normal now.


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