Green plans for female co-leader

Metiria Turei resigned as Green co-leader last August, leaving James Shaw as sole leader since then. Shaw has just announced plans for finding a new co-leader.

Any female MP or party member can put themselves forward, with Marama Davidson, Julie Anne Genter and Eugenie Sage touted as likely contenders.

Timeline announced for Green Party Female Co-leadership election

The Green Party will have a new Female Co-leader by April 9, following the announcement today of an early special election for the position and a truncated campaign period of two months.

The Female Co-leader position has been vacant since Metiria Turei’s resignation in August last year. Green Party Co-leaders are normally elected annually at the party’s AGM but the party executive has decided to bring the election forward in order to fill the vacancy sooner.

“We are keen to get a new Co-leader in place as soon as possible. The party has decided to bring the election of the Female Co-leader forward, with nominations opening next Friday, closing the week after, and then moving into a shorter two month campaigning period,”  said Green Party Co-leader James Shaw.

“The last Co-leader election was drawn out over a five month period and in hindsight was too long. Two months is plenty of time for the candidates to get out among the party members and for members to have their say.

“Like we did when deciding on joining the new Government, we will be using video technology extensively in the campaign, with video calls for members and delegates planned. We are excited about using technology in the campaign and giving all members a chance to connect with the candidates.

“I would advise Green Party member to make sure that their membership is up to date so that they can vote in their branch deliberations and they get to know the candidates and participate in this process.

“A lot’s happened in the period that I have been sole Co-leader, not least that we are now part of Government. It will be great to get a new Co-leader on board as we traverse our first term in power and start to implement good green change and grow our party,” Mr Shaw said.

The Co-leadership will be chosen by Green Party delegates, representing the party’s branches. Branches will have a number of delegates proportionate to their local membership size. The vote will use the single transferable vote system.

Election timeline:

Fri Feb 2 – Nominations open – all female current Green Party members are eligible to run

Fri Feb 9 – Nominations close

Mon Feb 12 – Full list of nominations announced, however candidates can individually announce their candidacy any time after nominations have opened and they’ve filed their paperwork

Sat Mar 3 – Co-leader candidate session at Green Party policy conference in Napier (open to media, details to be advised closer to the time)

Sun Mar 25 – All delegates Zoom (video) call with Co-leader candidates.  This will be a virtual version of what normally happens at AGM with co-leader candidates giving speeches and answering questions from delegates

Mon Mar 26 – End of official campaigning

Mon Mar 26 to Sat Apr 7 – branch consultation and delegates cast their ballots

Sat Apr 7 – Balloting closes

Sun Apr 8 – Ballot counting and winner announced


  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  January 26, 2018

    How very PC.

    How patronising. Don’t they think that women can do it on their own merit ?

    • Not a relevant argument in this instance. The same process would have applied if Shaw had resigned.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  January 27, 2018

      May we presume they can’t elect a lesbian as that would leave women unrepresented?

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  January 27, 2018

        Lesbians ARE women-what do you think they are ?

        • Corky

           /  January 27, 2018

          Tangata Whenua.

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  January 27, 2018


          • Kitty Catkin

             /  January 27, 2018

            Not to their partners-two friends of mine have been together for many years.

            • Alan Wilkinson

               /  January 27, 2018

              Do you think they represent heterosexual women rather than men?

            • Kitty Catkin

               /  January 27, 2018

              No, they are lesbian women who love each other very much.

            • Gezza

               /  January 27, 2018

              Your question needs to be reframed more precisely, Sir Alan.

            • Kitty Catkin

               /  January 28, 2018

              I see what he meant-I think. I don’t believe that any woman can possibly ‘represent women’ any more than any man could represent all men.

              In the case of B & F, they are women who happen to be lesbian. But I don’t believe that either of them would claim to represent women any more than any other woman could.

              I find it insulting that women should be put into the same category as children in this way and seen as needing someone to speak for us and hold our hand.

  2. Corky

     /  January 26, 2018

    Please just get it over with so we can all moan in unison.

  3. David

     /  January 26, 2018

    Please make it crazy Marama….please please please. Sage will do what she did to Ecan as probably the most divisive woman in politics and buggar the Greens forever, Genter would be absolutely perfect so that wont happen so lets go with nutbar Davison for shits and giggles,

  4. robertguyton

     /  January 27, 2018

    Take your time electing your co-leader, Greens. If you can string the selection process out long enough, all these anti-Green malcontents here will have expired from nervous exhaustion.