Fake claim of fake news

But that appears to have been a fake fake. On the news tonight: Winston Peters announces a multi-million dollar all weather horse racing track is on the way

He’s promising the racing industry a multi-million dollar track that can be used even when its pouring with rain. Mr Peters says it is expected to cost around $10 million to construct.

It comes as several races throughout the country had to be abandoned.

So why isn’t money distributed around the country to help maintain tracks? Pouring money into one region seems  questionable use of available funds.

The Minister says both taxpayers and the industry will be helping to pay for the new track.

Mr Peters is also promising tax relief for owners who are breeding horses for racing. He says the current legislation, which he delivered last time he was Racing Minister, isn’t working like it should.

Peters has friends in the racing industry, I’m sure they will like to have special tax relief.

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  1. artcroft

     /  29th January 2018

    Could this have anything to do with large party donations? At least we can rest assured that our crusader against corruption, Andrew Little, will be on to this in a flash. Especially as he’s finance minister now.

    • artcroft

       /  29th January 2018

      Sorry justice minister.

    • artcroft

       /  29th January 2018

      I’ll send Andrew an email about this. It’ll be interesting to see what palaver he offers up to justify this. Perhaps the Hagmans can build the darn thing. That way the taxpayer gets to enjoy the sweet sense of irony for their 10 million.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  29th January 2018

        Earl Hagaman is dead, there was never a $10,000,000 donation if that’s what you mean, the corruption accusation was well and truly debunked and as Mr Hagaman also made donations to other parties, there is no case to answer. Be careful about saying this sort of thing about people. The National party would never be bought for $101,000. Even if they were silly enough to be bought for such a paltry amount, their lawyers would never allow it.


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