Five days at Waitangi

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spent the first of a five day visit to Waitangi today.

In one way it’s good to see Ardern and Labour MPs putting this much effort into changing the relationship between Government and Waitangi Day, which has been strained in past years.

But five days in Waitangi leading up to and including Waitangi Day means that most of not all the focus is in one place, when the Treaty of Waitangi affects all of New Zealand.

Most people not in the far north will continue to view what is the closest thing we have to a national holiday as nothing more than a day of work (for some) and a bit of kerfluffle on the news.

Perhaps next year Ardern will have a go at involving more of the nation in our national day.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  2nd February 2018

    It’s also five days away from Parliament, which seems like a lot.

    • Gezza

       /  2nd February 2018

      The House sits from Tuesday to Thursday. And she’s working up there. It’s not all goo goo & ga ga.

  2. Corky

     /  2nd February 2018

    Lol…what thanks has Jacinda received from Maori? Basically an ultimatum on water rights.
    Like her predecessors she will learn to dislike Maori intensely. But she’s been in parliament long enough to know what to expect, surely?

  3. robertguyton

     /  2nd February 2018

    “Prime Ministry “ ?

  4. David

     /  2nd February 2018

    least she cant do any further damage when she is out of the way. It suits her low energy virtue signalling prime ministership and be a good chance for her to put her feet up and focus on bubs. Comforting to know the media will applaud this but it wont get any trees planted or houses built or kids out of NZs version of poverty/crap parenting and any number of election promises left not completed or started.

  5. Patzcuaro

     /  2nd February 2018

    Two things need sorting out in the north, the treaty settlement and the atmosphere at Waitangi. Once there is agreement on the treaty settlement hopefully the atmosphere at Waitangi will improve.


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