Nippert on Citizen Thiel

For your consideration: 6000 words on how Peter Thiel courted, then ghosted, New Zealand. Feat: ex-Minister raising prospect of political pressure, driving convictions, a panic room, and the first (brief) comment from the man himself.

I’m also opening up most of my documentcloud folder on the case, a collection of OIA replies from Internal Affairs, Immigration NZ and the NZVIF.

And, please take time to watch the videos of interview with Dunne and Drury: They’re really good and the pair are key voices in this saga.

Also, if you actually get to the end of the story, please let me know. what you think I spent a year on-and-off reporting it, and it’s the longest thing I’ve ever written. My nervous anxiety is that of an intern awaiting their first byline.

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