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    • “Grave” concerns alright.

      Will this start to prick the balloons the deep state are holding, will any fly away or will it just add to their resolve to “get” the Donald?

      • Joe Bloggs

         /  February 2, 2018

        Word is White House staff are underwhelmed by Nunes and his bullshit memo, voicing lots of skepticism and plenty of fears over the response from the wider intelligence community.

        Nunes is a bullshit artist of the first order

        • So, why are the Dems in such a fluster?

          • Joe Bloggs

             /  February 2, 2018

            Really? Is that a genuine question? If you don’t know then why should I attempt to debunk the memo for you?

            Or should that be memos? Because there are at least two Nunes memos floating around now.

            The original memo that he appears to have written using White House input..
            The rewritten memo he sent to the White House to obtain trump’s approval to release
            Hmm, that seems fishy for a start…

            Then there’s Asha Rangappa’s observation on whatever memo gets released in the end:

            The Nunes Memo reportedly alleges that at least a dozen FBI agents and DOJ prosecutors fabricated evidence, engaged in a criminal conspiracy to commit perjury, lucked out on being randomly assigned Judge Low Blood Sugar who looked the other way, and — coincidentally — ended up obtaining evidence that justified extending the initial FISA surveillance. …

            If Nunes has in fact singlehandedly uncovered this vast criminal enterprise, it’s hard to know what’s more astonishing: That a government bureaucracy managed to pull it off — or that Nunes has exposed it all in a scant four-page memo.


            Then of course there’s the Schiff memo which rebuts point for point the claims Nunes makes….

            But of course the Republicans will never vote to release Schiff’s rebuttal will they… Hmm, now there’s a bit more fishiness…

  1. Independent Civil Service?

    Yeah right

    • Blazer

       /  February 2, 2018

      no surprise to me..gee that Rees-Mogg is the archetypal ,plummy,tory,snobby,twit….

      • Intelligent, erudite, succinct and reassuring?

        He’s not cha poverdy, akchurly, absoloodely devoid of intellect run of the workshop union stooge granted, but he’s clearly on to something deep state here. However your resorting to personal abuse without addressing substance is noted.

      • Trevors_elbow

         /  February 2, 2018

        Gee that Blazer is the archetype leftie. Whining, carping, half baked, factional twit…..

        Thanks Blazer didnt realise it was so easy to type a low calorie insult post. You’re the best…just like M Horton lost in a dreamland where socialism bordering on communism is the be all and end all…

  2. Joe Bloggs

     /  February 2, 2018

    It seems Mark Corallo has flipped and may be helping Mueller… with implications for the obstruction of justice investigation and the collusion investigation, and in relation to other potential federal crimes committed by members of the trump administration…

  3. Gezza

     /  February 2, 2018

    More gun culture madness – thanks Trumpy.

    “A 12-year-old girl was booked on suspicion of negligent discharge of a firearm Thursday after a shooting at Sal Castro Middle School left four students injured, authorities said.”