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3 February 2018


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  1. Gezza

     /  February 3, 2018

  2. Blazer

     /  February 3, 2018
  3. Blazer

     /  February 3, 2018

    will heads roll from this gravy train…do

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  February 3, 2018

      Linked to that yesterday. But the gravy train is just leaving the station under the new government. The staff who decided: “Nearly half the funding for commuter rail was gone, light rail was ranked so low it would not get any funding at all, and the cycling and walking budget was slashed by 90 per cent.” and explained “AT has 320 projects it could be working on. If they did them all, over 10 years they’d cost $19 billion. So obviously they’re not doing them all. will be rolled.

      The big spenders will run away with ratepayer and taxpayer money and the white elephants will be bred, pampered and sit idle alongside clogged roads and ruined businesses.

  4. So, When is that nasty, vituperative man Peters going to apologise to National?

    Tim Murphy wraps it up

    “Who to believe? The politician who held up a ‘No’ sign at a press conference when asked if his party received funds from millionaire Owen Glenn when it did? The man who had his lawyers sign and file this court action against National the day before the election and then purported to negotiate a possible coalition with them in good faith. The man who now tries to say black is white, night is day and journalists provided him with information he sought on interviews, communications and sources?”

    “Peters did say his decision not to proceed against the journalists was ‘amicable’. That was probably because our refusals of his requests were always polite and we opted not to seek costs from him for wasting all of our time. We at Newsroom made the call we didn’t want to take the chance that any money forthcoming might have been from a taxpayer-funded source.”

    And re the “source” and privacy breach.

    “…… the only person established to have breached his privacy is Peters himself – who in an act of political prebuttal issued a press statement talking about his ‘mistake’ and how he had quietly tidied it away with MSD officials.

    Newsroom’s information was from an anonymous source, as was Newshub’s and at least one other news organisation which did not pursue the matter. That source told us she/he was disturbed by the political vilification of Greens leader Metiria Turei for over-claiming welfare payments when someone like Peters could have also taken more than his entitlement without any public accountability. Peters, of course, being the self-appointed guardian of superannuation and the interests of the old.”

    Peters prebuttal where he ( successfully) attempted to wrap things up neatly with a payment and telling us how pleased MSD were with him was classic Winston. Nobody, yet nobody asked the proper questions in the media.

    Scenario is we’re supposed to believe he is so inattentive that he never noticed the substantial overpayment in all that time. Impossible. We’re supposed to believe that year on year he got letters asking whether he was still single and he failed to read or acknowledge they had it wrong once! Impossible.

    26 payments per annum x 7yrs = 182 account deposits. Using Apr 17′ data. See table below $900.20 (single) v $645.56 (partner not receiving benefit) diff = 254.64 x 182 = $46,344.48 gross. There would be some reduction due to payment bring lower earlier years, but you get the idea and it’s not peanuts!

    Somebody call him on it…please