English claims some credit for Waitangi calm

Waitangi day, or more accurately the day before Waitangi Day, has been mired in protest for a number of years. However this year things are running far more amicably. A lot of credit for that has to go to Jacinda Ardern’s efforts to engage over several days.

Bill English is also claiming some of the credit – by staying away. English has gone about as far from Waitangi as he can get, Bluff (ok, Slope Point and Stewart island are further south).

Newstalk ZB: English says his avoidance of ‘shenanigans’ has helped make Waitangi better

The leader of the opposition has his own agenda for Waitangi day.

Bill English is attending the Ngai Tahu Treaty Festival.

A number of his National Party MPs will join him in Bluff – in a bid to commemorate Waitangi in different parts the country.

English told Chris Lynch he is pleased to see changes have been made at Waitangi – but he’s chosen not to attend celebrations there again this year, because of controversy that’s occurred in the past.

He may be right, but even if he had attended Ardern’s presence is likely to have dominated, and I doubt that anyone except Cameron Slater would be interested in protesting against English.

Now the protest bubble may have been burst it would be good to see whoever is Leader of the Opposition next year joining whoever is the Prime Minister in a show of Parliamentary unity at Waitangi.

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  1. PDB

     /  6th February 2018

    The PM is still in a ‘young woman (now ‘baby on the way’) protective bubble’ that no other PM of recent times has been afforded at Waitangi. Make Helen cry? No worries! Ardern? Na, can’t do that.

    • Gezza

       /  6th February 2018

      The hardest job Helen ever had was convincing people she was crying. Some plonkers fell for it.

    • Corky

       /  6th February 2018

      Gezzas right, PDB. Helen used the ole Vicks and liniment trick to suck a whole nation in.
      She had one corner of her hanky dabbed with this potent formula. A fake gesture of wiping tears from her face allowed the compound to sting her eyes and redden them so she looked like ‘The Thing From The Swamp.’ Damn fine acting.

  2. Zedd

     /  6th February 2018

    Yes Mr English can claim some calm at Waitangi.. by NOT showing up !

    methinks the collective move, to the left (Lab/NZF/Grn Govt.) could also be a MAJOR contributing factor.. maori’s traditional support base. 🙂

    • david in aus

       /  6th February 2018

      Good point. How much of the protests were just left-wing activism and not necessarily Maori issues related?
      Many Maori and the left-wing have similar world views of entitlements and colonialism. Where one party is happy to be apologetic and give money, the other is happy to receive money. A happy symbiotic relationship.
      The National party and their personal responsibility ethos is not a good fit for Maoridom and their leadership. Why do they bother?

  3. PartisanZ

     /  6th February 2018

    Credit where credit’s due ….

    … which is NOT with Bill English in this case …

  4. Corky

     /  6th February 2018

    Yes, he can claim some credit. His absence applied the heat to Nagapuhi. It highlighted the train wreck that was the Waitangi organising committee.

  5. English goes to Bluff. Joyce goes to Waitangi. Informal leadership announcement?

    • Gerrit

       /  6th February 2018

      Is that from the Barry Soper school of reasoning? If you deny something it must be Barry Soper true?

      Maybe Joyce drew the short straw?

    • Blazer

       /  6th February 2018

      leadership announcement….death wish ..more like.


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