Seven Sharp – celebrity over substance

Seven Sharp was not very sharp starting this year.  I rarely watched it last year or the year before, and didn’t watch it last night, but reactions would suggest it won’t be of much interest to me.

It sounds like it is another step on the road to more media made mush – manufactured ‘celebrity’ over substance.

I generally look for something of more interest online at 7 pm, if I’m not doing something else.

Ten thoughts about the brand new Seven Sharp at The Spinoff highlights the focus, not just of what used to be current affairs programmes, but also of media commentators.

 1. About one of the new presenters, asking if he was ok.

 2. About the same new presenter, asking if he could not lie.

 3. Cake baking. Really, the presenters cake baking.

 4. …the fundamentals are largely the same.

The Hosking/Street Seven Sharp was a pair of hosts with no audience and no guests doing links between magazine-style segments. So far, we’ve seen nothing to suggest that fundamental structure has changed. The opening story covered school lunches, and ended with the hosts dropping the stat that 88% of countries provide them for pupils – something it’s hard to imagine Hosking emphasising. But aside from the brilliant Anika-Celine encounter, the remainder of the segments stuck with the familiar formula, and thus made it feel more re-fresh than reboot.

 5. About the presenters. “As a male/female dynamic to watch at work each night” – is that really what people want to watch? Apparently.

6. More celebrity stuff. Anika Moa interviewed a barely recognisable Celine Dion. Apparently Anika was the star of the show.

7. About a parking ticket at a shopping mall.

8. There was no audience, so all the focus was on the celebrities.

9. Comparing it to one of the first New Zealand celebrity shows (that in comparison had some actual substance).

It’s just Holmes but with fun cakes and not as much racism! Actually, that bit about the “eskimo” lollies wasn’t great.

10. Asks “Will it work?” and then says it all depends on the celebrities.

The review was much like the show by the sound of things, souped up celebrity sacharine sans substance.

People who like watching trivia and talking twats and don’t get diverted with frequent advertising breaks may stick it out, but anyone with a computer or tablet or smart phone is likely to be off in a click or swipe, probably never to come back.

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  1. The woman used to be fairly competent fairly anonymous news reader in the days that they didn’t make it about themselves.

    The guy used to do other stuff on television, but I’ve never really watched him. I don’t feel a need to start.

    If I want social banter I’ll do it with real people, in person.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  February 6, 2018

      That was what I disliked about The Project. I only watched it because there was a story that I wanted-which, of course, was last. Social banter is tedious when one isn’t part of the conversation-they ‘looked at us’ as if to include us from time to time, but it was still very boring.

  2. David

     /  February 6, 2018

    Someone asked me if I had seen the ad for my new car on TV with the very cool retractable door handles and then realized I havent watched TVNZ,3 or Prime in 6 months.
    Fox News, Netflix, Amazon for the Grand Tour and Lightbox who need to get their act together or one is on the internet. Never really a fan of Hilary Barry, she was a good newsreader but she is a posh rich snobby Aucklander and not really a likeable person and the commentariat adulation of her and mother of the nation bollocks is more of a turn off.

  3. Gezza

     /  February 6, 2018

    Yes, well it was very boring & I think we can all safely write it off.

  4. robertguyton

     /  February 6, 2018

    Talking whats ?

    • Gezza

       /  February 6, 2018


      • Kitty Catkin

         /  February 6, 2018

        That sounds like a nice car….are you single ? (purrrrr)
        I don’t worry if I miss the news now. So much of it is is US human (un)interest(ing) stories about cute little Johnny writing to NASA to ask for a job-my mute button is nealy worn out. The Larry Nassar saga seemed endless, especially as I had never heard of any of the people involved.

        The news was much better over the Christmas/New Year time when 3 had one newsreader.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  February 6, 2018

          nearly. It’s been a long day.

          Then there was the ring that turned up after decades, on a carrot in the garden. These stories go on and on, repeating themselves to make sure that we have seen the point. Children are spoken of and to in special syrupy voices and with soppy expressions.

  5. Chuck Bird

     /  February 6, 2018

    i did find the item on the climb interesting.

    • #metoo. But that was it. I find Wells too laconic and cynical for that slot. I can’t stand The Project that thinks it is Seven Days and their look at meism. Whenever I see Jeremy Elwood all I can think of is his filthy, twisted post election dildo/barbed wire tweet. It’s like a Labour Party meeting Shortland St branch.