Honorary Consul for Mongolia

I wonder how one gets an honorary job like this?

Last year the Honorary Consulate of Mongolia in New Zealand “closed permanently”. Until now by the look of things.

Honorary Consulate of Mongolia


Regrettably, I announce that, due to my retirement, the Honorary Consulate of Mongolia in New Zealand closed permanently from 15 March 2017.

I am unable to confirm exactly what future visa processing arrangements will be and, in the meantime, all visa and general consular enquiries should directed to Mr K. Khos-Erdene, Attaché at the Mongolian Embassy in Canberra…

We wish to thank all those people we have had contact with over the past 10 years and hope that you will remember our tenure with fondness.  We have always tried to provide a level of service that would enhance the reputation of Mongolia in New Zealand; to encourage people to find out more about Mongolia and its people and to visit to see the wonders of Mongolia in person.

This draws to a close a 25 year relationship that I have had with Mongolia about which I have very fond memories of the friendliness and hospitality of Mongolian people.

I wish the Mongolian people well in their efforts to maintain a thriving democratic, market economy in central Asia and I hope that some day, in the not too distant future, Mongolia will once again have direct diplomatic representation on the ground in New Zealand.  In the meantime Bayarlalaa, Bayartai

I don’t hear much or know much about Mongolia. Large but sparsely populated  – estimated about 3 million people, population density 1.97/km2, compared to 17.9/km2 here in New Zealand.

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  1. robertguyton

     /  7th February 2018

    The huge donations to The National Party … you know about them, right?

    • If you think Hooten is a supporter of National you are politically misinformed

      • PartisanZ

         /  8th February 2018

        And so, apparently, is Mr Hooton himself …

        “Despite all this, my support for the National Party is built deep into my DNA. As recently as last week I participated in a fundraiser for the Parnell National Party and have allowed my daughter’s image to be used on National Party campaign material.” – 1 Sept 2014


        • phantom snowflake

           /  8th February 2018

          These days he’s more of a right-wing political mercenary (aka “political consultant”.) Has done some work for the ACT Party in recent times.

          • PartisanZ

             /  8th February 2018

            You mean for National’s Far-Right Wing … ?

            How’s that working out for ACT do you think?

            • phantom snowflake

               /  8th February 2018

              Plenty of money in their coffers; must be puzzling for them how little influence that has managed to buy.

  2. Ray

     /  8th February 2018

    The local Rotary club (you know those middle class fuddy duddies ) has done a great project in Mongolia that is really making a difference to health over there.
    Walking the walk rather than some of the alternatives.


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