National & Labour in Thieves Alley

Stalls from and at Dunedin’s ‘Thieves Alley’ market day today:

Different to their election slogan, recruitment rather than soliciting votes.

No slogans for Labour, but focusing on raising funds rather than raising membership.

At least they are both out trying to engage with the public. In Germany the parties are funded by taxpayers (arranged by the parties presumably), and they risk getting too out of touch with people outside politics.


  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  10th February 2018

    Labour will need to do a lot more than this to fund all their Santa-list items.

  2. Gezza

     /  10th February 2018

    I’d like to see both parties both turning up at that thieves alley in Huntly West & having a good look round.

  3. PDB

     /  10th February 2018

    ‘Thieves Alley’ and Turei didn’t make a appearance?

  4. spanish_tudor

     /  10th February 2018

    Labour and the Greens would have state-funded political parties in a heartbeat if they could away with it. Helen Clark was heading down that dark and dirty path with the Electoral Finance Act.

    Money doesn’t buy elections in New Zealand (just ask Colin, Kim, and Gareth), and hobby parties are rarely successful here (except for Bob Jones’s New Zealand Party in 1984), but a party that isn’t popular or capable enough to raise it’s own funds deserves to wither and die.