‘Let’s not do this’ anti-TPPA meetings begin tonight

The Government is pushing ahead with the CPTPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). It is due to be signed by eleven countries in Chile in early March.

Opposition to the TPPA has been has been much more muted now that Labour is in Government, and even the Green’s continued opposition seems token.

But anti-trade activist Jane Kelsey is trying to keep the opposition alive with a speaking tour that begins in Auckland tonight.

The Liberal Agenda – Anti-TPPA Live stream, today 6.30pm

The Daily Blog will be live streaming the Auckland ‘Let’s not do this’ anti-TPPA meeting this Monday 6.30pm. The meeting will feature Dr Burcu Kilic, Professor Jane Kelsey and Laila Harre.

As the Government continue to push through this deeply flawed trade deal, this is our chance to push back.

Even support of this is muted, since being posted yesterday morning at The Daily Blog there are just two comments, and only on of those in support.

Harre was a Labour Party supporter last term.

Kelsey is a professor at Auckland University. It is the beginning of a new academic year – I wonder how she manages to get the time for a speaking tour. Perhaps she could tape her meeting and use that as lectures.

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  1. 2Tru

     /  12th February 2018

    Initially objection to the TTPA was mainly political – opposition for many was opposition to the National government. However some people, like Jane Kelsey, appear to object to the very concept of trade agreements no matter who negotiates them. Should I be surprised over Laila Harre’s involvement?

    • 2Tru

       /  12th February 2018

      Whoops!! I meant TPPA. But it’s likely these two would object no matter what it’s called

  2. PartisanZ

     /  12th February 2018

    Have any of you Righties actually looked into this …?

    “The text of the TPPA-11 is the same as the original TPPA, with a small number of provisions until the United States rejoins. The negotiations are still secret, and the threats to the regulatory sovereignty of the New Zealand Government remain the same.”


    To say “anti-trade activist Jane Kelsey” is nothing short of lying bullshit …

    Ten demands or bottom-lines … These all seem quite reasonable to me …


    RCEP looks like a bit of a worry too … ?

  3. Kitty Catkin

     /  12th February 2018

    I hope that Jane Kelsey doesn’t use things like the low-priced computers and other things that most of us gladly accept as part of free trade. Does she want to go back to the days of protectionism ? I don’t.

  4. David

     /  12th February 2018

    I like Ardern she will just smile and rattle off a couple of pre rehearsed lines and just like that the new and improved but pretty much the same as the old will be just fine, even the “negotiated in secret” theme has been dropped even though its still secret but because its Jacinda,s secret its all good.
    At the end of the day we still get our trade deal but without most of the noisy lefties kicking off because they have been easily duped.

  1. ‘Let’s not do this’ anti-TPPA meetings begin tonight — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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