The WOBlog Party and a dirty politics encore

At times in the past Cameron Slater has promoted Whale Oil as a great new alternative to fading and flailing old media. He had some success until he got dragged down by exposure via Nicky Hager’s ‘Dirty Politics’, plus getting embroiled in a number of defamation cases (three are still in progress).

He took a Breitbart phrase (probably claims they took it off him) – the media Party, due to the growing involvement of media in political activism as opposed to investigations and reporting. This was very ironic, given his very obvious emphasis on political activism, and this activism has raised a few notches recently.

One could suggest Slater is trying to run a WOBlog Party. One could also question who is financing his activism.It os on record that he has run a mercenary blog to an extent, and continues to not reveal any vested inteersts in his posts and campaigns.

Some of his hit jobs seem to be purely spite, he doesn’t let go of old gripes easily. This has been apparent with his numerous attacks on Bill English, making obvious he has longstanding differences.

All this would be just a now fairly irrelevant blogger flailing. He is generally regarded as politically toxic – he claims to have inside information but rarely has anything other than vague unsubstantiated assertions to offer these days, and quite notably was taken by surprise by English’s announcement on Tuesday – Slater was still busy trying to smear English when the announcement was made, and Slater obviously found out from news reports as it happened.

But in apparent desperation to be noticed (unless he is being paid to smear) Slater has lowered himself to past depths of dirtiness.

He tried this without getting much support in his attacks on English – often multiple posts a day at Whale Oil.

He got very dirty over the non-story about Chris Bishop, making disgraceful insinuations, worded in a way that he presumably hoped would protect his legal butt.

And this scum level politics has continued against potential National leadership contenders, with targeted attacks against some possible contenders yesterday. Again these involve insinuations and suggestions of impropriety, of course only as ‘suggestions’ with no evidence.

He is getting limited support on Whale Oil, with some opposition and criticism getting passed site censorship but ticks also show a general lack of support. He is now regularly trashed on Kiwiblog – there are some examples here yesterday – National leadership candidates.

Slater has obvious political motives, and other motives like money could also be reasonably raised.

However he is likely to be toxic for any MP and especially for any leadership contender that might be seen as associated with or a beneficiary of his dirty attacks. That may be why he generally attacks politicians he opposes without openly showing support for those he wants to promote.

Whatever he is up to Whale Oil is obviously being used as an extreme political activist site, delving to the dirtiest of depths again. That’s not something any politician or party would want to be seen to be a part of.

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  1. If we dont mention the name it will die.
    Even bad publicity is publicity and the curious go see.

    • Conspiratoor

       /  15th February 2018

      “Iff we dont mention the name it will die”

      How come every time pg launches a hit job on Slater you pop up to not mention his name? You might try but you wont kill his army of bots george.

      Why, one of his bots masquerading as an intern popped up today with a piece right up your alley entitled “Dealing with absurdity with counter absurdity”,

      Here’s the link for your viewing pleasure and enlightenment

  2. Gerrit

     /  15th February 2018

    Too much credence given to the influence WOBH may have. It operates in a narrow sphere of influence, much like The Daily Blog.

  3. Corky.

     /  15th February 2018

    The lefty trolls are slowly working on him.

    • Corky. He’s a paid for hack. His shameless shilling for Winston considering his previous hatred put him squarely in the Brian Henry indebted to column for me.

  4. duperez

     /  15th February 2018

    Harsh criticism indeed. What about the perspicacity, not just on tap but pouring out?

    The stuff on the site about Judith Collins already has her as not just the best National Party leader ever but the best Prime Minister we’ve ever had.

    Should she not be given the chance to prove even that first bit, a feral malevolence will unleashed from here to eternity. Um, we’ve got that anyway
    haven’t we?

  5. San Zani e Paolo

     /  15th February 2018

    Well, he did excute a lovely honeypot job on “Sir” Robert, of the “they should mow our lawns in gratitude” troll that got erased. Bob Will Write For Whale Oil he announced. And in jumped all the “racist” idiots. Rant, Rant, Rant, they went. What a bunch of brainless haters.

    [Vague but inappropriate, and as this could be misconstrued, deleted. PG]

    What I don’t understand, and I have been lurking from afar for some years across the very very large pond, is why the Kiwis of recent descent (say in the last 2 centuries) are so insecure that the whole tone of much of what you can read in Kiwi media is anti Who Were There Before Us. I don’t mean official stuff, just comments and the odd politician. Maybe someone can explain this.

    • Gezza

       /  15th February 2018

      Yes. Imo, it’s because the majority of the current population is mainly descended from ancestors who immigrated from European countries, predominantly the British Isles.

      Those who came here did not immigrate as tribal groups, were not an interrelated tribal people with a tribal culture & a tribal rohe, quickly settled everywhere, brought with them – & also forged – a more individualistic ethos than the Maori who were already here, as well as being already amenable to the concepts of private property, & of one ruler & one legal system covering everybody.

      They were technologically more advanced than Maori, arrived in huge numbers, were more quickly & better organised into occupation forces & ultimately thus militarily superior.

      The history of their original forebears in their home countries has been one of having being conquered & having lands taken over by others at various times & having largely eventually adapted to that situation. They were also predisposed to treat peoples they could defeat – & coloured people generally – as uncivilised & inferior, in need of “more civilised” European rule.

      Oddly enuf, many came with the intention of starting a new life in a relatively classless society free of the class constraints or repressive British overlordship & disposession or lack of opportunity to own land & advance themselves in their own homelands.

      Their descendants do not feel connected to their original foreign ancestors or tribes & having been here for several generations now regard their own history if they have any sense of belonging as having started here – where they were born. They have no strong sense of whakapapa & historical injustices that need redressing, nor of ancestors having been deprived of land and resources as being anything other than that just being past history, and that everybody is now equal & should just get on together.

  6. San Zani e Paolo

     /  16th February 2018

    to Gezza:
    Thanks. A superbly diplomatic and nuanced response. I am much obliged and a bit chastened.

    As an observer, and one who now lives in a similarly recently “occupied” territory, although occupied less recently than yourselves, I’m familiar with some of the concepts and effects of cultural assimilation, and the contrary wish to preserve the unique and original.

    Here in South America we now have a legal ambience where the use of racially derived epithets is officially penalised. A prime time TV showgirl was recently deported from here for this exact crime. And as an arriviste it is up to me to find out what the barriers are. In good company, should they call me “gringuito lindo” (lovely whitey), I can use the terms negrito, sambo, cholo, indio, serrano, but even this has to be done carefully. I can see, for example from WO and other media, that NZ is rather backwards in comparison. Sorry, I just have to speak as found. I see lots of cheap insults flying around in the WO/BJ zone – and more widely. I can’t see how this does anything to improve the self esteem of the Were Here First and neither of course does it do anything, except superficially, for the self esteem of the Got Here More Recently.

    Another issue of course, where I think you follow the example of the USA, is the very skewed demographic of the prison population, that is, in terms of [er racial [self described]?] origin. This is a failing on behalf of those who as you say believe “that everybody is now equal & should just get on together”. If this is a genuine belief it is contradicted flat out by a minority group some 4 times as likely to spend time in clink. Illusions on this scale are fatal to any human group.

    The reason why I went over the top was my shock at the scale of the positive response on that other blog to the gentleman with the breakfast in bed syndrome. Your reply put me so much to shame that I felt it my duty to explain myself a bit more clearly.

    NZ is a remote and beautiful land and many people across the world do admire it. So I hope the social situation finds itself improving. Thanks for the space.


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