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“Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat?”

Do it here. Please no personal attacks or bickering. Anything abusive, provocative or inflammatory may be deleted.

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  1. 2Tru

     /  February 18, 2018

    Thanks to my wife we are more prepared for cyclone Gita. Our gutters, drains and sump are clear. I did hold the ladder for her as she climbed higher than she’s been before. Now she is stocking up on fresh water. Hopefully we will escape the full force, as usual, but she said she feels good knowing we are more prepared. And I’m standing right behind her!

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  February 18, 2018

      I always have spare water since we had several water outages a few years ago. It seems to keep all right if the bottles are filled to the brim, but I must confess to not replacing it as often as I should :-/ Those little LED lights make great emergency lamps. Stick one on a tin for an instant lantern.We had a lot of power cuts once and I am neurotic about having enough lights.

      It is still HUMID.

      Memo to self; do not paint the doorstep and close the door. Predictable results followed when I tried to open it again.


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