Media watch – Sunday

18 February 2018


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  1. Missy

     /  February 18, 2018

    For Traveller, and anyone else who may be interested, (not you Blazer, you won’t like it), If you are up for a very late night tomorrow night Jacob Rees Mogg will be hosting the 10am – 12noon slot on LBC tomorrow (Sunday), he is standing in for Nigel Farage.

    Might be a good couple of hours, agree or disagree with him, JRM is an intelligent, articulate and funny man, and I enjoy listening to him. I don’t always agree with him (mostly on social policy), but I do enjoy listening to him and have a great amount of respect for him.

  2. Zedd

     /  February 18, 2018

    I saw a news item last evening; It seems that some doctors in Canada are now casting doubt on Medicinal use of Cannabis (legal there since 2001). The report said that there is no clear evidence of its ‘pain killing effects’ & that it could just a ‘placebo’. NZ needs to take this into account, with upcoming possible law reform
    A doctor in NZ said (paraphrased), they are aware of these views & the thing that is clearly needed is MORE Clinical trials, to collect/confirm the evidence.
    NZ NORML spokesperson said (paraphrased) that this is a result of 90 years of prohibition & a total lack of research into its real potential medicinal uses

    *For the full story, you can go to ‘Newshub’ TV3, sorry dont have the link

    • PartisanZ

       /  February 18, 2018

      I have long wondered what is wrong with a placebo if it works …?

      • Zedd

         /  February 18, 2018

        Agreed PZ.. If patients do get genuine relief, they should stop all their nonsensical conjecture.
        I think that the most of the medical profession are still looking to ‘traditional western medicine’ which cannabis does not seem to fit into.. Little white pills or hypodermic injections etc. :/

        • PartisanZ

           /  February 18, 2018

          No official promotions, perks and back-handers from a Placebo Medication Company making pills out of compressed baking soda or ‘Oddfellows’ peppermints re-shaped like paracetomol or tramadol tablets …

          Despite Hippocrates higher ideals, the medical profession are big pushers on the pharmaceutical Money-Go-Round …

      • Corky

         /  February 18, 2018

        A placebo is a scientific impossibility, Parti. You should understand that.

        • PartisanZ

           /  February 18, 2018

          Science, in that case, like the Law, is an ass …

    • HA! And where was the original smear? And how large was it? I wonder if legal letters where sent eliciting this apology?

      And since you did such a large post on it Pete why not a similar sized one discussing media ethics in printing such a rancid story in the first place, only to issue a grovelly apology tucked away inside the paper a week later?

      Our media are rubbish – we deserve better – but we won’t get it. The real story here is who shopped the story to Steenkamp and why…

  3. duperez

     /  February 18, 2018

    Came in from mowing the lawn. Checked the Herald on line. Didn’t click of the story which caught the eye:

    “ENTERTAINMENT Hot couples alert: Jaime Ridge’s new love.”

    Reminded me of the mower hitting dog crap on the lawn.