Peters reconfirmed leader, NZ First deputy going to a vote

Winston Peters has been reconfirmed as NZ First leader – no one should be surprised by that – but the party’s MPs will vote for a deputy next week. Ron Mark is currently the deputy.

NZH:  NZ First leader Winston Peters re-elected, deputy vote next week

NZ First has joined the fray of leadership elections, although the only vote in its caucus will be for deputy leader.

In a statement, NZ First said leader Winston Peters had been confirmed as the party’s leader at caucus.

“His sole nomination was carried with acclaim.”

Shane Jones, often tipped as a successor to Peters, would not comment but is unlikely to contest it.

They don’t say why Jones is unlikely to contest.

None of the MPs would comment – but possible contenders include current deputy Ron Mark, Tracey Martin and Fletcher Tabuteau.

Martin was deputy from 2011 to 2015 when caucus elected Ron Mark instead.

With both Peters and Mark now ministers with jobs that involve overseas travel (Foreign Affairs and Defence) it would make sense to have a more New Zealand based deputy. I don’t think Mark is particularly popular either.

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  1. David

     /  20th February 2018

    Wouldnt it be a laugh if Winston lost the leadership and Mark won and did a 12 month stint as PM and if Winnie played up his caucus could have him Waka jumped out of parliament.

  2. This will be interesting. What a caucus of sneerers they are. Watching them in parliament not one of them looks happy. That Tracey Martin is a very angry woman and she’s always hated being demoted.

    • phantom snowflake

       /  20th February 2018

      I personally think she was their best speaker/performer and was harshly treated when elbowed out of the Deputy’s job by the ‘Boys Club’ in favour of…… Ron Mark (FFS!)

  3. Gezza

     /  20th February 2018

    I don’t think it will really matter to Winston any more. He seems more interested in choosing deputies who will suck up to him & not someone with initiative, drive & charisma who could challenge his control of what’s really a one man populist party. No succession planning is likely there & if Ron Mark – who seems basically bereft of initiative & primarily a snide little echo box for Winston – is chosen as deputy that will confirm to me that he has no interest in the future of the party itself beyond his departure.


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