Ages of leaders

John Key was 47 when he became Prime Minister in 2008, and resigned when he was 55. Bill English is the same age as Key, now 56.

Ages of current leaders:

  • Jacinda Ardern (Labour) Prime Minister – 37
  • Kelvin Davis (Labour Deputy Leader) – 51 in two days
  • Simon Bridges (National Leader) Leader of the Opposition – 41
  • Paula Bennett (National Deputy Leader) – 48
  • James Shaw (Green Leader) – 44
  • Julie Anne Genter (Greens) – 38, or Marama Davidson (Greens) 44
  • David Seymour (ACT Leader) – 34
  • Fletcher Tabuteau (NZ First Deputy Leader) – 47

And there is one notable difference:

  • Winston Peters (NZ First Leader) Deputy Prime Minister – 72

UPDATE: I have been sent this information by email.

The post today ‘Ages of leaders’ made me think of the changed face and faces of Parliament over the years.

I can’t add two photos which show that quite dramatically so send you this contrast 1957 and 2017, a tidy 60 years.


In the age stakes Winston Peters would have been a ‘middle of the road’ face in 1957.

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  1. Blazer

     /  28th February 2018

    young man..boy…cruelty…
    ‘“Are you a boy sent to do a woman’s job?” – @GuyonEspiner to @simonjbridges

  2. Kitty Catkin

     /  28th February 2018

    The 50s ones aren’t that old, when you look closely at the photo, well, many aren’t. The clothes and hairdos of the era were not very flattering to men,the formal ones, anyway. . Martin Luther King looks much older than he was,come of the 60s clothes and hairstyles were not kind to men, either.


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