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  1. Joe Bloggs

     /  March 1, 2018

    Arming teachers to protect students? Yeah right. The folly of this is already being exposed.

  2. Missy

     /  March 1, 2018

    It’s snowmageddon!!

    In great British tradition, this week has been dominated by the weather, specifically what the media have dubbed ‘The Beast from the East’ as cold weather and a snowstorm from Siberia moved in. London has a yellow warning for snow all week, except yesterday and today which was an Amber warning, (to be honest I am not 100% what the Met office warnings mean just that an Amber warning is serious, and there is apparently only one higher).

    Monday we only had a few light snow showers, yesterday we had a couple of heavy snowshoers, but overnight London got hit with almost Blizzard like conditions, and this morning I woke to about 10cm of fresh powdery snow – which is now sludge and black ice where it started melting. Central Scotland has a red warning, and people have been told not to leave their homes, and there has been the usual transport disruptions. We are expecting more snow up until the weekend at least.

    I must say as a Waikato girl this has been pretty fun to get outside when it has been snowing, I am still not tired of seeing the magic of snowfall.

    Whilst school kids have had a snow day and been enjoying snowball fights and playing, their parents – and most adults – have not been having much fun. The biggest complaint on the radio this morning has been the lack of gritting, no-one can understand why many councils, and a lot in London, weren’t prepared for the snow when the warnings have been out for over a week that this weather was coming. Many of the main roads in London weren’t gritted in time for commuter traffic, and some bus routes were curtailed due to this, as well as a number of serious accidents. At least 4 people that I know of have died in car accidents related to the ice and snow, and there is an expectation it will rise.

    There are loads of pictures on the internet of the snow, and I have a couple from outside my flat with loads of snow, very little of it disturbed.

    Though, with the snow has come some freezing weather!

    • Missy

       /  March 1, 2018

      This is southeast of where I live:

    • Griff

       /  March 1, 2018

      Q&A: What does all this snow mean for climate change?

      Why are scientists worried about freezing temperatures in winter, is the beast from the east a freak event – and what is the polar vortex?

      Q: Snow in winter. That feels reassuringly normal. Does this mean the climate has fixed itself?

      A: Unfortunately not. In fact, many scientists are concerned this is a prelude to more extreme and less predictable weather.

      Q: What are they worried about?

      A: In the past couple of weeks, there has been a heatwave in the sunless Arctic even though the northern polar region has not had any sunlight since October. At times it has been warmer than London, Paris or New York.

      Q: What is so unusual about that? We have known for some time that the Arctic is warming.

      A: Yes, but even veteran climatologists have been shocked by the recent temperature spike. Instead of the gradual year-by-year rise that they were expecting, there has been jolt upwards that experts have described as “crazy”, “weird”, “shocking” and “worrying”.

      Q: What are the numbers?

      A: From 17 to 25 February, there were 10 consecutive days where temperatures were above freezing for at least part of the day at the world’s most northerly land weather station – Cape Morris Jesup at the northern tip of Greenland. In total, the monitoring station has recorded 61 hours above 0C. According to Robert Rohde, lead scientist of the Berkeley Earth monitoring organisation, that is more time above freezing than the combined total of January through April for all previously observed years since the station opened in 1981. Plotted on a graph, this is so far outside of the historical range that Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, said the numbers represent “an anomaly of anomalies.”

      • Joe Bloggs

         /  March 1, 2018

        Extraordinary scenarios are coming to life… yesterday it was warmer in the Arctic than in Munich, 2,050 kms south of the Arctic Circle

  3. Gezza

     /  March 1, 2018

    Clutching their AR-15 rifles and wearing crowns of bullets, worshippers at a US church exchanged or renewed wedding vows at a commitment ceremony that prompted a nearby school to cancel classes.

    With Pennsylvania police and a smattering of protesters standing watch outside the church on Wednesday, brides clad in white and grooms in dark suits brought dozens of unloaded AR-15s into World Peace and Unification Sanctuary for a religious event that doubled as an advertisement for the Second Amendment.

    The church, which has a worldwide following, believes the AR-15 symbolises the “rod of iron” in the book of Revelation, and encouraged couples to bring the weapons.

    The Reverend Sean Moon, who leads the church, prayed for “a kingdom of peace police and peace militia where the citizens, through the right given to them by almighty God to keep and bear arms, will be able to protect one another and protect human flourishing”.