Greens: Sending lobbyists a message

James Shaw has announced today (via email) that he is “Sending lobbyists a message” – he could do with sending this message to the Labour Party too.:

Progressive change means living our values. It also means staying true to who we are as a Party.

That’s why I announced today two new measures to ensure transparency and counter the influence of money in politics:

  1. Green Party Ministers will proactively release their ministerial diaries, to show who they’ve met with and why;
  2. Green Ministers, MPs and staff will not accept corporate hospitality, such as free tickets to events unrelated to their work.

Greens have always stood for more transparency around lobbying and access to politicians. Now we’re in government, we’re walking the walk.

Other MPs consider being shouted free rugby tickers or an expensive meal just a perk of the job. But it’s not how we do things.

You all deserve to know who we’re meeting with and why. You all deserve to know we won’t accept gifts as a quid-pro-quo for looking after corporate interests in Parliament.

I’m proud to announce yet another small way that the Green Party is committed to doing government differently and doing government better.

You can read more here OR check out my full speech to the Green Party Policy Conference.


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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  3rd March 2018

    As I’ve said before, Government systems should be redesigned for transparency rather than secrecy. That way the data would be available automatically and immediately, rather than just perhaps manually and quarterly as this ad hoc arrangement promises.

  2. Strong For Life

     /  3rd March 2018

    Oh joy… I can rest easier at night. Will the Greens also live their values and not support the Waka Jumpers’ Bill and back the Kermadec Sanctuary now?

    • No. This is a silly man attempting diversion from selling his soul to seek relevancy

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  3rd March 2018

        He does sound like a prig.

        If someone sends an MP a ticket to something, they would be doing it openly. The same would apply to a dinner.

  3. artcroft

     /  3rd March 2018

    Its a good move. I support it. More importantly, I hope Labour and NZ First (in particular) adopt it.

    • Corky

       /  3rd March 2018

      Dear Diary.

      Leaded some hombre who tried bribing me with Holy Red Sea salt for my corn grits.

      I don’t know, Arty. Smacks of grandstanding.

  4. High Flying Duck

     /  3rd March 2018

    Credit where it is due – transparency in this area is long overdue.

  5. Alan Wilkinson

     /  3rd March 2018

    Wellington bureaucrats to go slower than ever:

    Better roads, better cars, better communication => slower travel. Bureaucrats happy as.

  6. Trevors_elbow

     /  4th March 2018

    ministers only?…. so will be the bag man/woman meeting secretly with lobbyists?

  1. Greens: Sending lobbyists a message — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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