“Green Party remains firmly opposed” to TPPA

Green spokesperson on trade, Golriz Ghahraman, has said in an email that the Green Partyremains firmly opposed to the TPPA (being signed soon in Chile), but has used anti-TPPA sentiments to try top raise money for the party via Twitter:

While the “new” TPPA deal gets signed in Chile today, the Green Party remains firmly opposed.

The legislation for this trade deal (the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership – or CPTPP) is coming before Parliament this month. The Green Party is the only political party that has consistently opposed this deal from the start.

Why we remain opposed to it, is that the changes within the new text released last month, are not enough to mitigate the risk of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clauses.

This means our democracy is under threat.

This sounds over the top, I don’t think there is anything in the trade deals that scraps elections in New Zealand.

Our ability to adopt transformative progressive change in the face of threats like climate change and inequality, and our ability to honour Te Titiri o Waitang,i are all undermined by this deal.

As Greens, what is particularly chilling to us, is that where ISDS clauses have been accessed by foreign corporates to stop governments from changing the law, in 85% of cases it has been to stop environmental protection.

NZ should be placing itself among those nations who are seeking to find a fair way to trade without the unfair negative implications for people and nature.

The majority of New Zealanders have opposed the TPPA and the Green Party has opposed this deal from the beginning.

Has there been any measure of opposition on the revised CPTPPA? Or are the Greens trying to historic polls on one thing somehow equate to a revised agreement years later?

We’ve had a lot of support on this issue before, with a majority of New Zealanders opposing the TPPA. And today, people like you are marching against it again. We need your support now.

Here’s the situation. The Green Party has to raise money from as many generous people like you, to cover the costs of running the Party, to strengthen our membership and to grow the green movement you are a part of getting more people like you to come on board.

So she is trying to leverage donations out of TPPA protests.

Too late for the TPPA, unless they have a policy to pull New Zealand out of the agreement after 2020.

Your support got the Greens into government. And now, together, we must bolster the mandate the Green MPs have. The issues that matter most to you, like the TPPA, must be kept in front and centre; to make sure we can have lots of conversations, with more people, who care about our planet and our environment, just like you do. You’ve been a part of making that happen before, and right now it’s vital your voice carries on.

And we must start right now to further Green the government so we can negotiate with greater influence on the direction of trade deals like this. We’d like to see fair trade deals without ISDS clauses.

Perhaps they can oppose the trade deal negotiations with Russia that NZ First are promoting. And the trade deal negotiations with the EU that Labour are pursuing.

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  1. Hollyfield

     /  8th March 2018

    I think it likely that the majority of the NZers that the Greens talk to are opposed to the TPPA.

  2. PDB

     /  8th March 2018

    Golriz Ghahraman: “This means our democracy is under threat.”

    So much so that the Greens will remain in a govt that will make it happen.

    Again weasel words from the weasel words party.

    • robertguyton

       /  8th March 2018

      The greatest, straightest little party you’ll ever stumble across, PDB – truer than the rancid, corrupted excuses for a political party you support now, by a country mile! I know, truth hurts, old dinosaur, but that’s how it is!

  3. robertguyton

     /  8th March 2018

    PDB – read this, old bunny, and learn where the country is headed under The Green’s gentle guidance.

    • High Flying Duck

       /  9th March 2018

      Typical Green goals – all about the spend and nothing about the how to pay for it.

  4. Zedd

     /  8th March 2018

    The reality; the coalition Govt. is made up of 3 parties (OR a dog with 2 tails 😀 ) obviously they will not agree on all issues.. I’m glad to hear the Greens are ‘sticking to their guns’ on the TPP (or is it CP-TPP).
    As the ‘support party’ outside of caucus..

  5. Sunny

     /  8th March 2018

    A gentle, last-minute token protest over a supposed issue that is chilling and a threat to NZ, and then a wee cash request for their movement. Just a touch of the evangelical. Send money now, so your soul can be saved. Praise be.

  6. Blazer

     /  9th March 2018

    The reality is that the agreement is not really much about trade.Over 12 years the most optimistic estimate of benefit to NZ is a ….0.9% increase.

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