“Provide the underlying analytics that confirm his intuition”

Is this how you keep your job in the White House?

Trump’s intuition will always appear to be right if his yes-men find ‘analytics’ to confirm what he says.

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  1. Kimbo

     /  10th March 2018

    Yep, worked a charm when McNamara, Rusk and all the other “best and the brightest” assured LBJ he not only had to resist the spread of communism in South Vietnam, but they could also win.

    Mind you, as in the case of the alleged WMDs in Iraq, it is the nature of a power structure that those at the bottom already know what those up the top want to hear, so feed it back them. Doubly so with a man like Trump.

    But to be fair, Trump did stand on the promise his intuition, judgement and executive instincts and skills were exceptional game changers for America, so he may as well surround himself with a team that enhances those alleged qualities. As per a previous POTUS who had a reputation for making big decisions (Truman dropped tha A bomb, authorised the Berlin Airlift, went to war in Korea, and fired General MacArthur)

    …the buck stops here.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  10th March 2018

    Trump likes conflict so I think he will soon tire of yes men. Navarro won vs Cohen on the trade war but unless he finds a new sparring partner Trump may lose interest.


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