Thumbs up for Nero rating

Thanks for your input into Site feedback – healthy ticker, or ticked off?

I have decided in the meantime at least to leave things as they are, allowing Nero ticking – thumbs up/thumbs down on comments.

The poll:

Up-tick this comment if you want Nero ratings (ticking) to remain.
Down-tick this comment if you want Nero ratings (ticking) turned off.

I understand the problems – they can be used to attack individuals or views, they can be gamed, some people get genuinely annoyed when they are thumbed down.

However sometimes people express annoyance at negative comments in response to their own, and stopping comments in response would be contrary to principles of free speech.

Thumbing up and down is a form of quick and easy free speech. While it can be abused it is usually an approximate indication of views on a comment. It allows people to participate here who don’t have the time (at the time) to comment in response, or don’t want to comment – many more people read than comment.

Comment ratings also indicate activity, and people are naturally more attracted to posts with comments, and to comments with ratings, whether up or down or both.

Sometimes getting thumbed down is an intended result – I make comments that I know may not be popular, and expect them to be thumbed down. To me that’s a useful response.

It was asked whether it was possible to allow thumb- up only, but that isn’t possible with the options available. The only other option is a star rating system, and I don’t like that, I don’t think it would work well for comments.

I considered a trial without Nero thumb ratings, but that creates a potential problem for comment history. I don’t know whether it would reset all thumbing, or keep them but hide them. And if it is later turned back on that leaves a period of zero ratings which would look weird.

Sorry to those who get annoyed with Nero ratings – I suggest trying to tolerate other points of view and reactions, even if contrary to your own, and learn to like being thumbed down, it’s sometimes a good response to get.

I don’t rate comments much, but one thing I sometimes use it for is to thumb up new comments or comments from occasional commenters to encourage their participation, to try to make them feel valued and welcome – if I think the comment is ok of course.

Nero ratings are a part of Your NZ, a valid way of expressing (usually), so for now they are remaining as an available option.



  1. In keeping with the topic, the post can be rated by rating this comment.

  2. Corky

     /  March 10, 2018

    That’s a bummer for me, Pete. I care nothing for Nero ticking. I don’t care how many up and down ticks I get. It’s posters whining about being down-ticked that get me. They carry on about some prat called the PDT. Maybe you could add another icon to tick-
    ‘ The FFS Stop Whining Icon.’ I would love ticking that.