“Attempts by some fringe Labour supporters to minimise these issues”

It is normal for political activists to over play attacks on opponents, and to make excuses and minimise issues that put their favoured parties and politicians in a bad light. This has been apparent over the sexual abuse claims at Young Labour’s summer camp.

This can go to the extreme of trying to shift blame to opponents, sometimes to a ridiculous degree. Like this from ‘Anne’ at The Standard:

I am becoming convinced that this Youth Camp incident is being used by Labour’s opponents to destroy General Secretary, Andrew Kirton. The MO is remarkably similar to that used on David Cunliffe… grab a piece of info. (eg. a letter he had received 12 yearspreviously) and create a false meme around it. Make sure your MSM acolytes keep it on the boil for as long as possible. They all know the truth will out eventually, but that doesn’t matter because by then the damage has already been done.

And Draco T Bastard:

I’m pretty sure the only reason it’s in the news is for the political point scoring done by the RWNJs.

No other case of sexual abuse gets this sort of attention from the MSM.

Anne again:

Warning! Right wing concern troll calling him/herself John Selway has been sent to TS. Wonder who his/her masters are… and what his/her previous mission was?

Now there’s a real conspiracy theory for the deniers to dig their fangs into.

Ironic that she mentioned conspiracy theory.

Tim Murphy at Newsroom (where the story broke) writes How bad is bad enough?

By common consent the Labour Party has handled the sexual assaults against four young supporters at a political summer camp badly. Labour’s top two names certainly think so. Among their statements on Wednesday were

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern:

“This sexual abuse took place.”

“The event was not undertaken in a safe and responsible way.”

“Things went very, very wrong.”


Labour Party President Nigel Haworth:

“We have failed in our duty of care since the event.”

Their acceptance of failure and distress on behalf of the victims was unmissable. No gilding of the lily at the top level.

But among their supporters there were those determined not to take their leaders’ lead and accept that Labour did not do right by these victims.

On social media some have claimed the disclosure of these sexual assaults was somehow a political attack on Labour; that National did not get intense media scrutiny over John Key’s ponytail pulling or Todd Barclay and Bill English’s behaviour over the taping of a staff member; that Newsroom, in breaking this news showed no concern for the four victims.

They have been shooting the messenger. They have been minimising.

Shooting the messenger is common on political forums, but more problematic is the minimising of what Ardern and Haworth have admitted are serious problems that include sexual assault.

They are wrong, wrong and wrong. Key was confronted with the starkest and most intense coverage of his bizarre and indefensible fetish, Barclay was forced to resign after weeks of media scrutiny.

Whataboutism has been rife – including here at YourNZ. That’s a common diversionary tactic.

But with the clear acceptance at the top that so much went wrong – for the victims, and *after* the camp – the ongoing confidence in Kirton and the attempts by some fringe Labour supporters to minimise these issues are more than a little troubling.

In effect they are minimising what could amount to multiple serious assaults. That is troubling – and also troubling is that nonsense claims on this are allowed to stand unsubstantiated at The Standard.

There are also many troubling comments on this issue at Kiwiblog, but that’s another story.

Also another story, from NZH – Witness: People were vomiting in the toilets and bushes from too much boozing at Young Labour summer camp

An eyewitness at the Young Labour party during the Waihi summer camp says it was a “recipe for disaster”, describing it as an unsupervised party where people were throwing up in toilets and in the bushes from excessive boozing.

And there was a giant walk-in fridge where anyone, including people as young as 15, could just walk in and grab any booze they wanted.

The man, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the public deserved to know the true nature of the event, during which a 20-year-old is alleged to have sexually assaulted four people aged between 16 and 18.

“On the Saturday night, even before dinner, people were playing goon bag roulette with the clothes line, hanging a bag of cask wine and sitting underneath it and spinning the clothes line,” the man said.

The use and abuse of alcohol is one of the problems accepted by Ardern and will be included in their inquiry into what went wrong.

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  1. Gezza

     /  16th March 2018

  2. Blazer

     /  16th March 2018

    another day,another thread on the rights current…obsession.Make that 2 threads,the daily minimum.What can be achieved by reheating a fairly typical teenage situ of alcohol and its…consequences?

    • High Flying Duck

       /  16th March 2018

      That is an impressively un-self aware comment proving the post’s premise Blazer.

    • PDB

       /  16th March 2018

      “What can be achieved by reheating a fairly typical Labour situ of Liberal-hypocrisy and its…cover-up?”

      Here, fixed it for you.

  3. lurcher1948

     /  16th March 2018

    On hoskings show(newstalkZB) this morning they were discussing the role of Thompson and Clark in spying etc and it was stated they pay people to infiltrate organisations???? ie a 20 year old who turns up at a camp”invited” DIRTY DEEDS DUNN DIRT CHEAP

  4. Reply
  5. Watching the media rush to the defence of the indefensible perpetrated by their own has used up my popcorn supply…
    And the subject hasn’t died in spite of labours attempts to kill it

    • Blazer

       /  16th March 2018

      unless you can’t read… the post above yours by Soper hardly endorses your…theory.

  6. lurcher1948

     /  16th March 2018

    Its died because ferals have bashed a baby….sorry

  7. david in aus

     /  16th March 2018

    To Labour supporters: Do not tell me your values, show me your values. Cover-ups are not signs of contrition.

  8. david in aus

     /  16th March 2018

    Did Jacinda know about under-age drinking in Labour camps? I would be surprised if she didn’t; after all, she was once a student leader. Witnesses describe a culture of poor supervision, alcohol abuse – over many years.

    Deafening silence from the Labour leadership on this issue.

    • alloytoo

       /  16th March 2018

      Jacinda is a proud product of these Labour camps according to their founder.

  9. duperez

     /  16th March 2018

    One of the weird things to come out from the Labour youth camp episode is the surprise, horror, shock, bewilderment, whatever it is, that there was a group of young New Zealanders together socially and there was alcohol.

    At a Mormon gathering or those of some other religious groups that might be a surprise. Elsewhere?

    The best thing might be to ban booze altogether. You know the Whangamata booze ban approach which sees a couple in their 80s not being able to sit on the beach and have a quiet wine in holiday periods. Can’t be trusted.

    I’m surprised the Labour Camp organisers didn’t try to educate the young ones through the mantras of ‘Booze is bad’, ‘When there is booze there is trouble’, ‘Where there is booze there is trouble’, ‘You can’t be trusted to be near alcohol’, ‘You can’t be trusted to drink alcohol.’
    🍺🍷 🍾

  10. Gezza

     /  16th March 2018

    Is DPF seizing the moral high ground here or is something going to blow with the YoungNuts?*

    Young Nats not immune to ‘boozy over-indulgence’, says long-time party member
    Long-time National Party member David Farrar says all youth wings have their share of ” boozy … 25 years ago where one underage woman had to be taken home after drinking too much


    • Gezza

       /  16th March 2018


    • Probably just trying to preempt possibilities, it’s likely someone at some stage has encountered problems at a Young Nat pissup.

      • Gezza

         /  16th March 2018

        Yeah I would imagine. Aaron Glimore probably would’ve been a problem if encountered at one.

        1ewes had a brief item on the 3rd report of drunken bad behaviour by whining Christchurch students. Jacinda 😍 was interviewed and looked very earnest saying she’s sure Labour’s not been immune to these things over the years, ☹️ like in other organisations – but this is not good enuf & not going to happen any more 😠. (Or words to that general effect.)

        All good. Should be all over by Monday. 👍🏼


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