AG Sessions fires former FBI #2 McCabe

The Washington political circus continues.

Reuters – Former FBI No.2 McCabe fired; claims he is being targeted

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired the FBI’s former No.2 official Andrew McCabe Friday, prompting McCabe to say he is being targeted because he is a crucial witness into whether President Donald Trump tried to obstruct the Russia investigation.

Sessions, in a statement on Friday, said he felt justified in firing McCabe after the Justice Department’s internal watchdog found he leaked information to reporters and misled investigators about his actions.

“The FBI expects every employee to adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and accountability,” Sessions said.

But McCabe, who played a crucial role in the bureau’s investigations of Hillary Clinton and Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election, denied those claims and said he is facing retaliation by the Trump administration.

In a lengthy statement, McCabe said he believes he is being politically targeted because he corroborated former FBI Director James Comey’s claims that Trump tried to pressure him into killing the Russia probe.

Trump ousted Comey last year and acknowledged in a televised interview that he fired Comey over “this Russia thing.”

McCabe’s dismissal came two days before his 50th birthday, when he would have been eligible to retire from the Federal Bureau of Investigation with his full pension. The firing – which comes nine months after Trump fired Comey – puts McCabe’s pension in jeopardy.

The timing seems a bit nasty.

That’s also nasty -especially considering this just before Christmas:

It’s not exactly going to encourage people to work for the White House or under White House appointees.

Chaos continues.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  17th March 2018

    The Trumplings will still be there, of course.

    This is all sounding like a John Grisham novel. The nastiness of trying to do someone out of their pension is most unedifying.

    • David

       /  17th March 2018

      “Mr. McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor − including under oath − on multiple occasions.”

      An FBI agent who lies under oath and you think it’s nasty he doesn’t get his pension?

      • Joe Bloggs

         /  18th March 2018

        McCabes “lying under oath” is pitifully weak and utterly harmless in comparison with the constant stream of bullshit emanating from trump’s mouth.

        This is a spiteful, utterly mean spirited, blatantly political thing to do that demonstrates the contempt trump has for the law.

        And it also demonstrates that Jeff Sessions’ recusal was just another bullshit lie.

        • David

           /  18th March 2018

          “McCabes “lying under oath” is pitifully weak and utterly harmless in comparison with the constant stream of bullshit emanating from trump’s mouth.”

          Really? One of those things is illegal, the other is not.

          • Joe Bloggs

             /  19th March 2018

            How the hell would you know?

            McCabe was fired based on a secret report and secret recommendations that Sessions refuses to release… sounds more like Russia than America.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  18th March 2018

        Yes. That doesn’t negate the spite of the timing.

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  3. David

     /  17th March 2018

    Wouldnt be surprised if there was more pain to come for McCabe. It is outrageous that he can be the lead investigator into Hilary while his wife receives 700k from a Hilary pac to run for a democratic seat.

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    • David

       /  18th March 2018

      They have an odd way with their political appointments but the politicization of the top brass in the security services that has occurred is not good. We have the unedifying scenes of ex spy bosses spewing their political bias while picking up large fees from the likes of CNN and MSNBC, the same people screaming Russia Russia Russia were in charge and did nothing when all this skulduggery was supposed to have been happening yet did nothing.
      Our spooks say nothing, our coppers say nothing as it should be.

      • The US has a politically appointed management of intelligence, judiciary and police force, so politicisation of any of them shouldn’t be a surprise.


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