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28 March 2018


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  1. sorethumb

     /  March 28, 2018

    Tod Niall
    You mentioned Pacifica. Is that going to be a challenge for Auckland: the place of Pacifica and the place of Maori in an increasingly diverse society.

    Julie Zhu
    I don’t want to conflate the two. I think for me what is more significant about the next 38 days or the next few years whenever it happens is not the point where Pakeha become a minority but the point where Asians overtake Maori as the next biggest minority. I think that’s very significant for the implications that could have for Maori bicultural kind of state. Apparently we haven’t sown the foundations for people to understand why the Treaty of Waitangi is so important why the role of tangata whenua here is so important. And i think that will get invalidated even more as they’re overtaken by a different minority.

    Tod Niall
    Because I would argue it has taken Maori a long time to get to a place where they are not yet where they feel they should be.

    Is there a new dynamic here that we have to worry about Paul?

    Paul Spoonley
    Well there is and I mean, in terms of Auckland it has already happened. So the Asian community is considerably larger than the Maori community of Auckland and yet Auckland is the largest Maori community in the country. So I think Auckland is the test case or laboritory in which we get to play around and decide how we do politics and in this case recognition of diversity and we started to day by talking about the council and the wards you know we are far from getting that right so we need to ask the question right around the community “are there differences between people who are tangata whenua in terms of recognition as opposed to those who are immigrants and their decendants?” My answer is yes! I mean I think the conversation should be a very different conversation. And so i react quite strongly and quite negatively when people say , you know, there’s me, Im Pakeha and there’s others who are diffferent. No there are not they are not all the same.

    Julie Zhu
    “but that kind of positioning of Pakeha and everyone else. I always try to think of the ideal as Maori and everyone else because Maori are kind of the only unique aspect of NZ that really needs to be upheld if we are to move forward and I think there just needs to be solidarity.”

    Is this why we have te reo with our Morning Report? The Illuminati never planned on a bicultural society, that was just a glitch. Paul Spoonley doesn’t recognise Pakeha as an ethnic group (in line with Ani Mikarrere and radicals but out of line with [brake failure] Michael King. King would have screwed up everything). Spoonley has only ever been a big deal in left-wing circles (unlike the popular Michael King).

    • phantom snowflake

       /  March 28, 2018

      Oh cool! A Michael King Brake Failure Conspiracy Theory! I hadn’t heard this one. All I can find is one sentence on Kiwiblog which was likely from you. Please tell me more. Pleeeease!

      • Gezza

         /  March 28, 2018

        😮 Steady on, Snowy. Not sure how much more some of us can take!