“Nationalise all broadcast media”

There is a lot of angst being expressed over news coverage during the week at The Standard: The manufacturing of a narrative

They are complaining about the excess of coverage of stories they don’t think are important, and a lack of coverage of stories they think are important. The media are the immediate scapegoats, but National and big business and world conspiracies also feature in the list of culprits.

Ironically with a post and comments that try to play down Clare Curran’s indiscretions in trying to promote her policies for a publicly funded broadcast television alternative, these claims and suggestions propose that media is fully controlled by the state.


Of course the Government can and must act to protect our country from what is a rampant corporate propaganda machine . It is not enough to simply express disgust about this calculated and co ordinated attempt to bring down the legitimately elected government of our country Although Curren is not the individual to do the job RNZ and Television NZ must be re structured imediately .


The media are paid puppets for international finance.
The government will control the narrative if it takes control of the airwaves from private corporate interests.
The airwaves are the commons.
They should be returned to the 99%.


Yes, the government should immediately nationalise all broadcast media; along with all law firms, insurance companies and banks.

One of the primary and most important functions of media in a democracy is to hold the government to account. This would take an important check on power away.

I’m not sure that they will be so keen on the government controlling the narrative by taking control of the airwaves when National takes over the government again.

And on the right wing conspiracy – Robert Guyton:

No, Baba: ” A narrative is building being built of incompetence and dishonesty around this government that will be very difficult to shake”.
The perception is being created, purposefully, in order to destroy the Labour-led Government – who’s doing this? You know full well, ol’ mortar’n’pestle witch!


The narrative is being self inflicted. It really is that simple.

Robert Guyton:

“Self -inflicted”?
Inflicted by the Right Wing machine.
Baba – you’re full of it!

John Drinnan:

So are you saying that most journalists in the country are corrupt and promoting a story that they know is untrue – all to meet the demands of a cruel lying media That famous right wing Gordon Campbell? For goodness sake?

I’m not sure why that last sentence has a question mark.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  1st April 2018

    Robert needs to stick to the women’s mags so he doesn’t read anything upsetting about Saint Jacinda.

  2. artcroft

     /  1st April 2018

    Ha ha ha, magic. I’ll have to pay a visit to the Halls of Angst (aka The Sub-Standard) this morning.

    • Corky

       /  1st April 2018

      No need for the Colts, Arty. Just use your spurs while they grovel on the floor. Besides, they may require your services at the next election….for palliative relief.

  3. sorethumb

     /  1st April 2018

    Two factions fight it out in the media. Both are broadly pro immigration – translating into globalist. The counter attack is coming from outside the MSM from evolutionary psychology.

  4. PDB

     /  1st April 2018

    According to those on the Standard the right;

    *Made Curran have a dodgy meeting with CH.
    *Made CH & Curran lie about said meeting that cost CH her job.
    *Made the Labour party try and hide allegations of sexual assault.
    *Made the Greens give their parliamentary questions to National.
    * Made the Greens look weak by backing down on the ‘waka-jumping’ legislation, the Kermadec sanctuary and the requirement of having cameras on fishing vessels.
    *Made Genter attack ‘old, white men’ for being….well ‘old, white men’.
    *Made Golriz Ghahraman embellish her CV to appear she was on the team of the ‘good guys’ when instead she was representing the accused criminals.
    *Made NZL First attempt to blackmail a National MP.
    *Made Ron Mark use the air-force as his personal taxi service.
    *Made Shane Jones attack Air NZ unprofessionally.
    *Made the new govt look like hypocrites by offering nurses only a 2% pay-rise.
    *Made Winston decide to take journalists and National members to court over his failing to declare his correct living arrangements for his pension payment.
    *Made Winston take a stance more in line with supporting Russia & in the process damage our relationship with Britain and the like.
    *Made Twyford announce an impossible amount of housing on a small piece of land the govt had acquired which also needs very costly infrastructure to be built.
    *Made Ardern personally meet with 50 or so oil protesters, promise them one thing and then the same day backtrack to the media.
    *Made Ardern and the Labour party look foolish in having to do a deal with National over the vote for speaker.
    *Made Ardern do ‘puff-pieces’ for the media whilst all hell was breaking out around her.
    *Made Ardern say dumb shit about Russian spies & that she would ‘happily’ investigate sexual assault claims.
    *Made Ardern look weak & ineffective by taking no action against any govt member involved in any of the above.

    Have I missed anything?

    • Corky

       /  1st April 2018

      I think that will do for starters, PDB. Talk about a rouges gallery of corruption and incompetence.

  5. chrism56

     /  1st April 2018

    With Robert’s views, I am unsure as to why he sullies himself posting here. Or does he find being in a oppressively moderated echo chamber too dull?

    • PDB

       /  1st April 2018

      Haven’t seen Robert here since the govt really hit bottom in recent weeks. No doubt supporting enablers of alleged sexual assault of teenagers was always going to be a hard task, even for him.

      Back in his safe space now with like-minded folk that don’t allow alternative views – poor petal!

  6. chrism56

     /  1st April 2018

    If you go over to Chris Trotter’s blog and read some of the comments in his posts, like the one on Curran, you will see the full panoply of left wing conspiracy theorists. National Radio is dominated by right wingers, according to them, and needs a total cleanout . Robert is on the sane side of the spectrum when compared to some of the worldviews on display.

    • artcroft

       /  1st April 2018

      Oh dear, reading Chris Trotter very bad form. He is wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME. I took a brief gander at the post you mentioned (about Colin Scrimgour I take it). Trotter begins by describing the Conservative govts blocking of Scrims broadcast in the 1930’s but omits any reference to the appalling and illegal way the next Labour govt under Fraser treated him. The labour tried to have him illegally conscripted to get him off air and then libelled him. They were forced to make payout in order to avoid court. (it sounds very much like Labour under Jacinda really. Corrupt and incompetent)
      Off course Trotter is ignorant of all this and insists that nationalising all broadcasting so that only Labour praises can be sung would be a good thing. Wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME.

      • chrism56

         /  1st April 2018

        I think you will find Chris Trotter did know that. He tells only the part of the story which suits his narrative – a common trend among activists.

        • artcroft

           /  1st April 2018

          Sorry but its his intellect I doubt rather than his character.

  7. Corky

     /  1st April 2018

    ”No, Baba: ” A narrative is building being built of incompetence and dishonesty around this government that will be very difficult to shake”.”

    Stop using Roundup, Robert. It’s taking away your last vestiges of rational thought. While you are at it, tell our leftwing media they are running the wrong narrative, and also check for rightwing infiltrators.

  8. David

     /  1st April 2018

    The media says mean things about the government, therefor the government must run the media. Impeccable logic from the Standard, I’m sure there is no downside to this at all.


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