MP for Rongotai in odd incidents

Paul Eagle ditched his role as Wellington’s deputy mayor to take on the safe seat of Rongotai after Annette King decided to retire from Parliament.

He popped up in the political news yesterday when he questioned RNZ boss Richard Griffin in a selection committee meeting yesterday.

Labour members of the committee got in on the action too. Paul Eagle questioned Griffin as to why he had informed Lee of Hirschfeld’s resignation before a press release was circulated around RNZ staff and the public.

Eagle asked when Griffin first contacted Lee. Seeing Eagle’s questions were going to lead to a suggestion of impropriety, Griffin’s response was terse.

He said that he first contacted Lee “three minutes prior to the time we put out a press release, as a matter of courtesy, which may be foreign to some of those in politics”.

He then checked himself.

“I’m sorry that’s unnecessary,” he said.

Eagle then asked if the phone call to Lee was courtesy or “collusion”.

“That’s a ridiculous question with due respect,” said Griffin. “It’s a matter of obvious courtesy, the suggestion that it is somehow…” Griffin paused, apparently frustrated, “let’s not go any further, it gets out of control”.

– from Newsroom Fiery hearing fails to put RNZ bungle to bed

Then today he featured in an exchange on Reddit – Paul Eagle MP is a peice of shit.

He is the most entitled, rude and disrespectful man I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. It says a lot about a person’s character how they treat those with less power than them and Mr Eagle thinks it’s acceptable to swear at and berate those he does not deem to be of his level. I am shocked someone in the public eye would treat someone as abhorrently as he treats someone who’s just trying to help him. I hope those in electorate meet him and get the opportunity to see what kind of man he is. TL;DR if you work in the service industry watch out for Paul Eagle.

Rant concluded.


Before he was an MP my old boss, an Island Bay resident, made a submission in some Island Bay cycleway project that was negative about the council’s handling of it. Eagle personally rang him up one evening to have a big angry rant at him about it. Classy dude.

And another:

I’ve witnessed him tearing into an elderly lady at a housing meeting, after she’d asked a very reasonable question. He was incredibly rude and patronising to her.

This was picked by Henry Cooke at Stuff and Labour MP Paul Eagle apologises for profane ‘misunderstanding’

Labour MP Paul Eagle has apologised for an incident that saw a Wellingtonian call him an “entitled douchebag.”

Eagle says the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and that he was swearing at people blocking his way into his office – not someone on the phone.

When reached by Stuff, Eagle said the event was a misunderstanding, but offered his apologies.

Eagle said he was talking to a panel-beater on Friday afternoon about getting his car fixed and having a polite but robust discussion about whether or not a separate piece of damage could be fixed at the same time.

Whilst on the phone he was trying to get into his electorate office in Newtown, Wellington, and found his way blocked by some “guys give me lip outside.”

“We’ve got a diverse community in Newtown and sometimes this happens. People are not shy to give you their honest feedback about things,” Eagle said.

“I was swearing at them, they were swearing at me.”

Once Eagle was in the office he said he realised he had been hung up on and was confused. Later his insurance company rung to suggest he try a different panel beater.

“It makes total sense, because now I understand why when I went back to the call it was dead. Within minutes the insurance company rang me,” Eagle said.

“I’d like to formally apologise for any misunderstanding. And I certainly don’t want her feeling any ill will.”

Eagle said he was keen to go back to the panel beater and apologise in person.

A weird explanation – surely that’s too weird to have been made up.


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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  6th April 2018

    Anyone know this gentleman?

  2. Maggy Wassilieff

     /  6th April 2018

    He has been pretty popular as a Councillor in Wellington South.
    He was deputy Mayor of Wellington for a short period before he went to Parliament.
    This really sounds like he has had a personality change.

    • Traveller

       /  7th April 2018

      People can have an overarching good nature but have a shocking temper and be quick to react to triggers. Combine this with a partisan political nature and you’ve got an Eagle landed in the House.

      I watched the live committee this week and his “collusion” commentary was as disgusting as it was inappropriate. What an idiot the man is. Needs to keep his trap firmly shut and stop the negative attention seeking.

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  6th April 2018

    Jacinda could well appoint a Minister for Odd Incidents. Probably has plenty of candidates.

    • Gezza

       /  7th April 2018

      🙄 Another one to add to my list of Labour clowns. Joins Willie Jackson, Phil Twyford, Clare Curran, & Kelvin Davis.

      I’ve started one for National too. Big Gerry went onto that one yesterday.

      David Seymour’s the only one on the ACT clown list. So far. He might end up being on it twice.

      NZFirst has Winston on it (naturally, he’s been clowning around in Parliament ever since he first got there, although I may move him into the category of Ringmaster later) Shane Jones & Ron Mark so far.

      Julie Anne’s on the Green list of clowns.

      📝 📝 📝 📝 📝

  4. Ray

     /  7th April 2018

    If you believe that story from Paul Eagle I have the perfect investment opportunity for you.
    The man has a history of treating people he feels are inferior to him like this.


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