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  2. Missy

     /  11th April 2018

    Things in the UK have taken a slightly surreal turn today as things get worse for Jeremy Corbyn.

    First the non-surreal moment, and perhaps not totally unexpected. The leader of the Israeli Labour Party has severed links with Corbyn and his office – though not, as some reported it, the official links between the two parties. This is in response to the anti-semitism crisis Labour have found themselves in, but also cited was concern over Corbyn’s very public hatred of Israel’s policies.

    Secondly the rather surreal moment of the day. Nick Griffin, former leader of the far right British National Party (and former member of the National Front), has today endorsed Corbyn, saying that if Corbyn sticks to his principles over refusing to condemn Assad over the chemical weapon attack then he (Griffin) would vote Labour. One can only hope that this will have one of two results, either Corbyn comes to his senses and condemns Assad for the CW attack, or it sinks the UK Labour into irrelevancy. What has been really weird is seeing young Corbynistas online defending Griffin – a known racist – the same Corbynistas that accuse anyone who voted to leave the EU as being racist. Now, whilst Corbyn and his supporters has no control over who supports and endorses him publicly, they do have control over how they react to it. Corbyn (as far as I am aware) has been silent on this, and fair enough there is no point in making comment on everyone that comes out in support, but his supporters have been vocal in social media and on talkback radio defending Nick Griffin, this shows that either they are ignorant of who he is, or they just don’t care.

  3. sorethumb

     /  11th April 2018

    Saudi crown prince says Israelis have right to their own land


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