‘Feedback welcome’ after ‘consultation announcement’ on oil and gas

There was immediate and strong criticism of the announcement that the Government would stop issuing offshore oil and gas exploration permits, and also onshore permits outside of Taranaki.

Labour were seemingly in damage control Jacinda Ardern as sent Andrew Little to New Plymouth for an emergency public meeting. That didn’t go smoothly.

Jones: “The transition is either going to be driven upon us internationally or we’re going to try and get ahead of the curve and that’s what the prime minister’s said and Shane Jones is agreeing.”

Labour don’t look like they though through how the announcement might be received, how to deal with ‘the transition’, and what they should do about dealing with the flak.

At the meeting in New Plymouth Little made some odd comments.  He said it had been ‘a consultation announcement’, and the Government was keen to hear feedback on what was needed in the transition.

Consultation  after the decision had been announced.

Stuff: Little faces Taranaki public over oil and gas decision

Andrew Little says the Government still wants to hear feedback from those affected by the decision to end oil and gas exploration.

On Thursday night Labour MP Little held a public meeting at the Quality Hotel to discuss the impact of the decision with the community and industry in Taranaki.

“This region is already suffering in the oil and gas industry because of the downturn…Leaders have been asking what’s next for Taranaki”.

“This took people by surprise and I get that, but this is not about turning off the spigots tomorrow and shoving people out of work.”

He said this was a consultation announcement, and the Government was keen to hear feedback on what was needed in the transition.

“It is not a waste of your time…to come back and and say this is how it will affect us.

A ‘consultation announcement’ that ‘took people by surprise’.

Getting sent to a meeting in Taranaki seems to have taken Little by surprise, he didn’t seem well prepared. And he didn’t get a good response.

Arun Chaudhari of the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce told Little most businesses had a consensus of opinion.

“This region wants to see climate change addressed; we just think it’s a premature decision without proper consultation,” he said.

Director of Arete Consulting Len Houwers said the news was a concern for major employers Methanex and Ballance.

“This announcement gives them no confidence that there’s a future for them here. I still see a disconnect between what what the Government is trying to achieve how it’s going about it.”

I don’t think the feedback Labour got yesterday will have been welcomed by their PR manangers.

Ardern has famously said “climate change is my generation’s nuclear free moment”.  This announcement has been poorly managed and seems to have blown up in her face.

If Labour keep cocking things up like this they risk the voters going ballistic.


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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  13th April 2018

    Best feedback will be at the ballot box.

    • Gezza

       /  13th April 2018

      Not enuf political polling done in this country, & when a poll does come out it’s out of date and doesn’t factor in the latest important influencer.

  2. Strong For Life

     /  13th April 2018

    It seems a strange decision to send Mr Little to his “hometown” for this meeting. Mr Little has stood for the New Plymouth seat twice and has performed poorly so I think it is fair to say he is not popular in his hometown. Why wasn’t the Energy Minister, Ms Woods, sent?

    • Blazer

       /  13th April 2018

      last election Labour got over 11,000 votes there,National 18k.

      • Strong For Life

         /  13th April 2018

        Labour would have received fewer votes if Mr Little had stood. He is unelectable.

  3. Kitty Catkin

     /  13th April 2018

    Jacinda Ardern’s remark about this generation’s nuclear free moment is meaningless rhetoric.


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