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13 April 2018


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  1. Gezza

     /  April 13, 2018

    I read somewhere online last night that a study in the US has shown that 5 out of 4 Americans are bad at math.

  2. sorethumb

     /  April 13, 2018

    Globulist Economist Gushes over Germany
    Our cover story this week describes how Germany is becoming more diverse, open, informal and hip. Post-war German history has moved in cycles of about 25 years. First came the era of reconstruction. Then the federal republic began to reckon frankly with its war guilt. In its latest phase, from the 1990s, Germany has reunified, become a normal country again and shed some of the fetters of its past. Now the wheels of history are turning once more. With the right leadership, Germany could be a model for the West

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  April 13, 2018

    Lefty media censor non-PC views on racism. Journalists approve:

    • sorethumb

       /  April 13, 2018

      Ian McKellen
      “I find your society genuinely admirable in many ways. For example, I met Helen Clark while I was in Wellington. I was invited to her official residence, and waved in by a lone policeman who didn’t even check who I was, then I had a barbecue with her. I congratulated her on the public’s enlightened attitudes towards racial issues, but she disagreed. She said to me that New Zealand was really a very racist country, and she was determined to do everything she could as prime minister to change that. I thought that was a very bold, honest statement to make to a foreigner, and I really respected her for that.”

      People are ethnocentric

      • sorethumb

         /  April 13, 2018

        In other words despite all the effort people are no different because there wasn’t a problem in the first place.

    • PartisanZ

       /  April 13, 2018

      Ethnocentric – evaluating other cultures according to preconceptions originating in the standards and customs of one’s own culture.

      Arguably, people are ‘naturally’ violent and even murderous too. The process of acculturation is one of sublimating these urges for higher ideals and better behaviour …

      Can it not be so for racism too? For ethnocentrism?

      The latter might be problematic for Pakeha if, for example, hapu iwi Maori have different ways of ‘finding’ people to represent them …?

      “The way forward is to do what Kanoa did: Acknowledge the problem, get it out there on a hugely public platform and start the conversation about how to address it.”

      Very well written Herald article; Thanks Siena Yates for not engaging in the Bullshit.

      • sorethumb

         /  April 13, 2018

        Ethnocentric – evaluating other cultures according to preconceptions originating in the standards and customs of one’s own culture.
        Ethnocentrism is the tendency to favor one’s own group at the expense of other groups. It is implicated in a variety of important phenomena from voting patterns to ethnic discrimination and armed conflict. It is widely believed in social science that ethnocentrism involves extensive social learning and considerable social and cognitive abilities (Hewstone, Rubin, & Willis 2002; LeVine & Campbell 1972; Sherif 1966). However, there is also evidence that ethnocentrism is common throughout a diverse range of animal (Chase 1980) and even plant (Dudley & File 2007; Runyon, Mescher & De Moraes 2006) species. Such evidence suggests that ethnocentrism may be rooted in biological evolution, and that its essential cognitive component is quite simple: the ability to distinguish in- vs. out-group members and select different behaviors based on that distinction. A striking example from red fire ants is that queens without a particular gene are detected and killed at birth by worker ants (Keller & Ross 1998).

        Underlined by neural machinery and common to all people. Provides a means for inter group recognition. In real life we are competing, there is no reward for ” higher ideals and better behaviour ” unless you work in a government department where you are rewarded for those behaviours.

  4. sorethumb

     /  April 13, 2018

    The fight to normalise te reo Māori will be taken to the streets of Manurewa this weekend with a bilingual hikoi.

    And RNZ talks about “reflect”

    • sorethumb

       /  April 13, 2018

      Ie the charter talks only reflect not “fight to normalise” (true statement).

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  April 13, 2018

      Yes, Trump has played the Left’s identity politics back at them. That’s quite accurate.

  5. PartisanZ

     /  April 13, 2018

    Meanwhile in the ‘real world’ of Machiavellian economics, FIIRE and property speculation …

    ‘Home affordability stretching further out of reach, new Massey University study finds’ – Heraldo Business

    “House price-to-income ratios in Northland and Hawke’s Bay have risen to 8 and 7.4 respectively, raising concerns about affordability.”

    You gotta watch out for missing the real news, the bad news and even the good news when you get sucked in by the ‘no news’ like this O&G exploration stuff …

    I speculate that its too late to create affordable housing in Auckland? By the time its up-and-livable the people who might have bought it will have moved out of town and either found jobs elsewhere or reconciled themselves to commuting because the lifestyle in Wellsford, Kaiwaka, Mangawhai, Paparoa, Waipu, Ruakaka, Dargaville, One Tree Point, Whangarei, Tutukaka and all those places is SO MUCH BETTER they’ll never wanna move back to Auckland …

    Worst case scenario the affordable housing is bought up by landlord-speculators and rented to new immigrants then onsold to them when suitable tax-free capital gains are realized …