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15 April 2018


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    • High Flying Duck

       /  April 15, 2018

      There is much wisdom in C&H…

  1. sorethumb

     /  April 15, 2018

    Is NZ “Racist as F…..?”

    “Racists” are the new “homos”?

    Racism is a state of being (them v’s us). Trump supporters are racist. Devoy says so explicitly. Therefore it has become about a set of political ideas.

    I posted an item from Vdare .com which argues that the average IQ of Australian Aborigines is 64 , which is considered retarded (under powered). The article was complaining that liberals want a two tier constitution (with Aboriginals in an upper capacity).

    A week ago I visited a natural history museum which had a house made out of mammoth bones reminding me of the theory that people in cold climates were challenged more than people in warm climates. Aboriginals separated from our human ancestors 64,000 years ago and interbred with Devonians . Johnathon Haidt argues that evolution can take place much faster than first thought.
    To me this all seems believable. It doesn’t follow that I would have Aborigines sent to the gas chamber or that I don’t get that this isn’t black and white. I find Charles Murray rational , sensible and without malice (wise).

    What I’m getting at is that “racist” is a kind of broad accusation and the left (including HRC/ Devoy) have deliberately kept it vague and fuzzy. Jordan Peterson has pointed out that categorising is how we function: are Maori and PI more likely to be in jail for violent crime – yes; do Chinese operate in a clan structure? – I think so etc, etc. Being broad and fuzzy creates a sense of fear -“J’accuse”

  2. sorethumb

     /  April 15, 2018

    Is NZ “Racist as F…..?”
    and it is based on a blank slate theory of human behaviour. How do we know the Bangladeshi economist doesn’t harbour invidious attitudes to whites when ethnocentrism is an evolved trait moderated by oxytocin (the hate hormone)? When Trump was elected, a New Zealander of the Year claimed she had a knife pulled on her in the US and was called “nigger”. She blamed that on Trump. The police were called but “she didn’t stay around to see what happened” -pity that because extra evidence always helps. Susan Devoy used that to show that we shouldn’t allow Trump to happen here (pointing a finger at NZ First).

  3. sorethumb

     /  April 15, 2018

    The Trotters should F Off back to Puddling on Tyne

    Chris Trotter demonstrates the use of toxic meta narratives to keep Maori hot and bothered.

    More virtuous Muriel Newman notes:
    “The reality is that New Zealanders do not want to be defined by race – not even those of Maori descent. As LGNZ notes, “a number of councils have sought the views of hapu and Iwi about whether or not Maori wards should be established in their district only to be strongly advised that any such wards would not have the support of mana whenua.””

    So there we see (perhaps) a choice that “good sense and sensitivities of some key players” precluded. I.e being New Zealanders in their own country (as opposed to the two nation/ two people approach – a warm up act for multiculturalism).

  4. Alan Wilkinson

     /  April 15, 2018

    Credit where due. This WaPo article seems to be balanced and useful background: