Nikki Haley’s stand against White House wavering and waffle

President is well known to be unpredictable – he plays on it – but this has often resulted in mixed messages from himself and from White House staff. Discipline and co-ordination are often lacking, to the extent sometimes that the White House looks disorganised and confused. It can certainly be confusing.

This week U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke on Russian sanctions, was slapped down by the White House, but she slapped back, and this prompted an apology.

Weekly Standard editorial: A Failure to Communicate

Tight messaging and internal discipline don’t make a presidency—the Obama administration was extremely disciplined in its public pronouncements, and it was a disaster in almost every respect. But the present administration suffers from an almost total lack of coherence in its communications to the public and that debilitation has consequences beyond mere politics.

The problem can be located in the Oval Office: When President Trump makes a decision, or reverses one, he doesn’t always tell the relevant people.

This week, it was U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s turn.

Haley wasn’t fired but reprimanded—wrongly. On Sunday, April 15, speaking on Face the Nation, she announced the imposition of new sanctions on Russia for its nefarious abetting of Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian regime. She said what she had thought, almost certainly correctly, was the president’s position: “Russian sanctions will be coming down. Secretary Mnuchin will be announcing those on Monday if he hasn’t already and they will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to Assad and chemical weapons use.”

… in this case she appears to have stated exactly what the cabinet had agreed to do.

Only later—evidently without bothering to apprise his subordinates—the president changed his mind. From Mar-a-Lago, Larry Kudlow, the president’s national economic adviser, contradicted Haley. She had, Kudlow told reporters, gotten “ahead of the curve” by announcing the new sanctions; the ambassador may have had “some momentary confusion about that.”

Another White House official told the Washington Post that Haley’s remark was “an error that needs to be mopped up.”

Haley responded to Kudlow curtly. “With all due respect,” she was quoted by Fox News’s Dana Perino as saying, “I don’t get confused.”

Later, and very much to his credit, Kudlow called Haley to apologize. “She was certainly not confused,” he told the New York Times. He was “totally wrong” to speak as he did.

What almost certainly happened is that the president balked on the sanctions, his national security team sans Haley agreed to the change, and either someone forgot to tell Haley or everyone did. This is what happens when a president and his staff haven’t quite established its decision-making process and fails to keep everyone informed.

It seems to be a common failing of Trump and his administration.

Trump famously values unpredictability. We wish he wouldn’t use it so often against his own staff.

It would be good if he didn’t use it so much against the US either. A chaotic presidency is high risk – some things may work out well, due to or despite Trump chaos, but it seems just a matter of time before mistakes or misinformation mires the country in major muck.

Haley has come out of this looking strong and bold, she is one of the star performers of a very mixed administration. And that has refueled speculation about her political ambitions.

The Hill: Haley spat fuels political chatter around White House

Nikki Haley’s public spat with the White House has underscored Trump World’s obsession about the political ambitions of people in the president’s orbit.

Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, raised eyebrows Tuesday when she hit back at the White House after top economic adviser Larry Kudlow accused her of being confused when she prematurely announced new sanctions against Moscow on Sunday.

Nonetheless, the comments had Trump allies saying that Haley is thinking too much of her own political brand.

“Clearly she has machinations for higher office and will do anything to continue rising, even if it eventually means throwing President Trump and his administration under the bus,” said one former White House official.

The White House tried to throw Haley under a bus, but she fought back and won.

It wouldn’t be difficult to look better than Trump (or Hillary Clinton). Haley looks like she would potentially be a big improvement.

A GOP strategist in contact with the White House said “there is no doubt” that Haley has eyes on a higher office, but that it is highly unlikely she will be running for the White House in the near term.

At the age of 46, Haley’s future in politics could go beyond Trump’s presidency — which his supporters expect to last through 2024.

Haley’s defenders say it is natural for her speak out to maintain her integrity when she is criticized publicly.

Integrity stands out amongst the current chaos because it is in short supply.

“She has to stand up for herself because she is being characterized as confused,” said the GOP strategist.

“I think it is a question of competency and she is obviously competent,” said the former White House official when asked about the president’s feelings about Haley.

The ambassador has not become enmeshed in the type of ethics scandals that have plagued other Cabinet heads and her charisma and outspokenness, while grating to some, can be an asset for the president.

“She is a well-spoken female conservative and for better or for worse, that goes a long way with a lot of people. There is a deficit of that in the GOP,” the former official said.

The US could do a lot worse than having Haley as president – like now (deliberate double meaning).


  1. Gezza

     /  April 20, 2018

    While Haley’s a bit of a spunky monkey and the dominatrix thing she has going on works well for the US & their Trump/the-US-is-always-right supporters in the UN she strikes me as an arch-conservative authoritarian type who believes the US really is the world’s honest policeman & would be easily persuaded to continue or start more wars.

    But she’s certainly not stupid, she’s very articulate, she’s obviously not bought & paid for by Trump – she doesn’t need him, he needs her – and it’s good to see a girl giving the world’s brattiest sleazy rich kid a kick in the nuts.

  2. David

     /  April 20, 2018

    Haley is my favorite in the administration and I love the way she is just totally fearless in what she says, she is quite suited to Trump and there are similarities in approach.
    Lets hope Trump doesnt get replaced he is getting some really good wins now he is settling into the job, besides its such a great show.

  3. artcroft

     /  April 20, 2018

    I couldn’t regard Hayley as having integrity. I think she out does Huckabee-Sanders at lying while sounding sanctimonious.

    • Gezza

       /  April 20, 2018

      Still good to see her publicly tell Trump to GFHimself when the moron typically insults & undermines yet another one of his loyal flunkies.

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  April 20, 2018

        Did Trump insult her or just change his mind and she wasn’t informed?

        • Gezza

           /  April 20, 2018

          Depends what you read. NY Times said he was putting her in her place. Either way it’s good to see one of them kick him back.

          • Alan Wilkinson

             /  April 20, 2018

            What are the facts, not just NYT opinion?

            • Gezza

               /  April 20, 2018

              It’s Trump. Who knows? He regularly publicly makes an ass of his devotees. The more of them who publicly blame him back for piss-poor communication, power games, & general toddler-like-planning, the better. Most of them with any sense and sef-respect probably won’t last the distance.

            • Alan Wilkinson

               /  April 20, 2018

              Ok, no facts so we’ll ignore your comment.

            • Gezza

               /  April 20, 2018

              The facts are Nikki Haley announced the Trump administration’s policy and Trump changed his mind. So making her look stupid. So we’ll ignore your 2 basic crieteria for evaluating Trumpishness:
              1. If Trump says it, it must be true
              2. If Trump does it, it must be right.

            • Alan Wilkinson

               /  April 20, 2018


            • Gezza

               /  April 20, 2018

              Bet you read it first. I win again. 😎

  4. Kitty Catkin

     /  April 20, 2018

    We haven’t heard anything about the gun control issue lately, have we ?

    Trump’s association and obligation to the NRA must be one of the stupidest ever things done by any politician. He took money from them – he supported them when he addressed them – he says what good people they are. They are not going to be happy if he tries to control them in any way now.