A pointless poll on pregnancy and politics

1 News got Colmar Brunton to do a pointless poll on Jacindas Ardern’s performance as PM while being a mother. It is likely to be a month or two before she becomes a mother, so how does anyone know?

1 News: Becoming a mum won’t have an effect on Jacinda Ardern’s performance as PM – 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll

Political commentator Jennifer Lees-Marshment says in an ideal world it would not be a topic for discussion.

Media commissioning polls to create populist ‘news’ is not ideal either, but it has become normal click-bait creating practice.

Experts say that the Prime Minister is a role model for working women.

Global Women board member Felicity Evans says “seeing her adequately and brilliantly doing her job whilst being a mum and being pregnant. It’s perfect.”

That sounds like just one ‘expert’. Using terms like ‘brilliantly ‘ and ‘perfectly’ doesn’t sound like objective expert assessment.

In response to that Ms Ardern says, “I’m no superwoman and I wouldn’t want to give that impression.”

“The fact that I am able to do what I’m doing and be a mother at the same time is because I have a huge amount of support around me.”

Support is very important, and it will be particularly important once Ardern has her baby. It will still be a big challenge for her – she may take it in her political stride, but there is no way of knowing how it will go until it happens.

By then 1 News will have probably moved on the more important polls, like what the baby’s name should be.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  28th April 2018

    Fatuous nonsense indeed.

  2. Blazer

     /  28th April 2018

    media intent on hounding the woman out of…office.

  3. lurcher1948

     /  28th April 2018

    Hell if Sir Key had got pregnant he would have been in power for ever

  4. “I have a huge amount of support around me,” says Ms Ardern.

    I wonder at what stage support becomes so strong that the supporters actually no longer need the supported. A lot of money could be saved with a cardboard cut-out, to preserve the “Yes, Prime Minister” illusion.

    As for “adequately and brilliantly”, I rather think it could do with a little sub-editing. If it is merely adequate, it cannot be brilliant, and if brilliant is surely not merely adequate; and with such negligible track record would not seem to merit “perfect”. Methinks the Global Women board member should take a few deep breaths before speaking. Or perhaps just not speak. We are, after all, talking about running a country here, not just putting on lipstick.

    On that note, I have it on good authority that my wife is not the only woman whose brain becomes somewhat scrambled during pregnancy. Her sense of scramble even alerted her to her second pregnancy before the chemist did. I have not heard that discussed in this context, although it seems quite well-known to intelligent, observant mothers that I have met. It could be rather important.

  5. sarineal

     /  28th April 2018

    It’s more or less is a woman capable of doing the job of PM with a family? The answer is yes, we’ve had female leaders with children and no new ground is being broken. That part is already answered, no polls needed.

    However, she’s not a role model and personally I think is not representative of the typical working mother (speaking from experience here). The handling of things like the issues with the Summer camp and O&G exploration has been poor and overall ministers are performing poorly as well. I think leaving Peter’s as acting PM is undemocratic, they have no electorate seats and don’t have the support of voters but seems to have little choice there as Davis is another poor performer and from what I’ve noticed is not up to speed on anything. Need to have a good team backing you up, if you don’t have that it’s going to be very tough indeed.

    Might have to come down with a bump because this is actually 3 jobs, electorate MP (outside of Wellington, constituency work has be done in the weekends), PM and mother as well. That’s a huge load. I think all the talk about villages needed to bring up kids is out of touch, it doesn’t literally mean multiple others will bring up your child and I don’t know, but most parents want to be involved parents and actually see their child grow instead of farming out the job and having to let go of all of that. Life changes a huge amount when you have a child and the best thing to do is not have too much set in stone because you find it doesn’t work necessarily with your family. If the plan is to spread yourself thin, ultimately it may not work at all. Too early to call, but I see a lot of adjusting needed there.


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