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30 April 2018


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  1. PartisanZ

     /  April 30, 2018

    Deborah Hill Cone apology … of sorts …

    ‘Deborah Hill Cone: What was I thinking – attacking Clarke Gayford?’

    • Gezza

       /  April 30, 2018

      Looks to me like she’s totally lost the plot & needs to get her head seriously read. Even she doesn’t know where it’s at.

      And she’s unleashed an awful menagerie of shit spreaders flinging malicious & unsubstantiated runours about that as far as I can see are based on whatever Gary’s mate said when he doesn’t know shit.

      • NOEL

         /  April 30, 2018

        I thoght it was Wally who got it from Gary who got it from’…………?

        • Gezza

           /  April 30, 2018

          No Wally’s the one who’s taken off to Oz with Gary. They’ve both moved in together. Their wives are devastated. They had no idea. Well, that’s the rumour anyway. o_O

          • PartisanZ

             /  April 30, 2018

            I saw Gary the other day, still in NZ … But she’s going into witness protection …

            • duperez

               /  April 30, 2018

              Witless protection is a thriving business I hear.

    • Zedd

       /  April 30, 2018

      said it before.. maybe actually watch the video, before the arbitrarily downticking.. 😦

      • PartisanZ

         /  April 30, 2018

        I’d go further … It’s rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic AND LABELING THEM ‘LIFEBOATS’ …

      • PartisanZ

         /  April 30, 2018

        All he does is talk basic common sense and NZ’s cannabis laws look utterly ludicrous to the point of ‘legitimized corruption’ …

        I’m incensed … I’ll have to go and check my blood pressure …

  2. PartisanZ

     /  April 30, 2018

    Another wonderful article from ‘Evonomics’ – the next evolution of economics …

    ‘The Economics Debate: The Problem isn’t Bad Economics, It’s Bad Science’

    “The argument between orthodox economists and their critics resembles one that occurred in weather forecasting in the mid-nineteenth century, with the establishment of the UK Meteorology Office in 1854 by Admiral Robert FitzRoy …

    At the time, weather prediction was something practised by astrologers, and the popular press enjoyed themselves comparing the Met. Office’s inaccurate predictions with those from sources such as ‘Zadkiel’s Almanac’. The mainstream scientists saw this prediction contest as a threat to their reputation, just as economists do today …

    In 1863, he published The Weather Book, which tried to make the weather comprehensible to people of average education. However the attempt to popularise the subject only further annoyed elitist scientific institutions like the Royal Society.”

    And –

    Failed Economics: Tyranny of Mathematics and Enslaved by the Wrong Theory’

    The more I learned about economics, the more I discovered a landscape that is surpassingly strange … dominated by a single theoretical edifice that arose like a volcano early in the 20th century and still dominates the landscape.

    The edifice is based upon a conception of human nature that is profoundly false, defying the dictates of common sense, before we even get to the more refined dictates of psychology and evolutionary theory.

    Yet, efforts to move the theory in the direction of common sense are stubbornly resisted …

    The people who inhabit the economic models, often referred to as ‘Homo economicus’, are driven purely by self-regarding preferences. Mathematically, this means that they care only about maximizing their own interests without reference to anyone else’s interests. What I want cannot depend upon what you want …

    Next, people who inhabit the mathematical kingdom are infinitely wise in pursuit of their self-regarding preferences …

    The theory couldn’t be pushed in the direction of common sense because it would become impossible to grind through the equations …

    As I delved deeper into the history of economics, I saw it as a struggle between those who pledged allegiance to the mathematical edifice and those who chafed against its rule …”


  3. Griff

     /  April 30, 2018

    I see Farrier is pushing the straw man augment that we have banned drilling for gas and oil in NZ.
    To claim we have is bullshite DPF

    Here is the exploration permits active in NZ .

    Unless the goverment says it will ban future drilling claims they have is an argument not based in fact

    As is the argument they have destroyed 11.000 jobs in New Plymouth.
    There will continue to be a gas extraction jobs for at lest the life of existing fields and while the significant number of permits already issued are still worth exploring
    After that any oil or gas work in NZ is only a possibility not a certainty.

    It is more likely than not that we would never find new resources to replace those in Taranaki.
    The south island prospect that the oil industry was talking up last year is still active.
    In reality they admit there is only a one in five chance they will find economic reserves .

    Drilling wells for oil and gas has always been and always will be a matter of chance as is the future of employment prospects in the industry.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  April 30, 2018

      Permits to explore are worthless when the red Greens in Govt will block any extraction permit.

      • Griff

         /  April 30, 2018

        Ah yes.
        You have any proof of that Alan?
        Feel free to give a link to the NZ government banning oil and gas extraction please.
        You see I like to base my views on reality .
        Not a bunch of rwnj’s over active imaginations.
        What the Greens would do is not relevant in our parliamentary democracy.
        Unless they can convince the majority of sitting members in the house to support a ban it means three fifths of fuck all.