Political coverage upheaval at 1 News

Political journalists at 1 News are deserting faster than National MPs after a change of leadership.

NZH: TVNZ reporter quits as new leader steps in

1 NEWS reporter Jessica Mutch has been in her role as TVNZ political editor for just over a month and it seems her Wellington colleagues, Katie Bradford and Andrea Vance are a little miffed they did not get the job.

Vance has quit the national broadcaster while Bradford has asked for reassignment to Auckland after they both missed out.

TVNZ, Mutch, Bradford and Vance did not want to comment but a spokeswoman for TVNZ confirmed the newsroom had been told of Vance’s and Bradford’s moves.

Vance, from Northern Ireland, has been with 1 NEWS since 2015.

Bradford, daughter of former Green MP Sue Bradford, has been with 1 NEWS since 2013 and Spy understands she made no secret of her desire to return to Auckland if she didn’t land the political editor role.

Mutch, 33, was based in the press gallery for eight years, and was TVNZ’s deputy political editor before moving to London as Europe correspondent.

So it’s not just political parties who have power struggles and departing unsuccessful candidates.

Dann leaving, and now followed by Vance and Bradford leaving, forces major changes to 1 News political coverage.

Dann announced a move to a full time role at Q&A in January.

Vance has been reported to be going back to Stuff. Her Twitter profile:”Northern Irish journalist. Can’t stop moving.” I don’t know if that has been recently revised.


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  1. Gezza

     /  30th April 2018

    Praise be to Allah!

  2. Traveller

     /  30th April 2018

    Vance has had that twitter description along time Pete.

    • Gezza

       /  30th April 2018

      I don’t rate either of them (as might be apparent).

      I think the quality of tv political reporting has been low & lightweight for as long as they’ve been doing it. Bradford assails one’s intelligence & Vance assaults the ears. Katie should handle entertainment & gossip reporting imo. Andrea’s not quite as bad, but Bradford seemed to me to treat politics as giggly entertainment rather than ever having anything seriously intelligent to impart about political issues.

      Vance was only slightly more focussed.

      Let’s hope we get some proper political reporters next. That’s if the TV news bosses actually allow decent coverage and sound-bites.

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  30th April 2018

    Have any of them ever said anything worth saying?

    • Grimm

       /  30th April 2018

      Yes, Katie Bradford outed the Media election strategy.

      “No matter what we do, no matter what we say…”

  4. lurcher1948

     /  30th April 2018

    Yawn, we need FRESH faces let them go,let them go,not back to Auckland but out the front door… into the wilderness

  5. Zedd

     /  30th April 2018

    sounds like Ms Mutch was the more experienced.. end of story 🙂
    * Vance & Bradford.. sore losers !? 😀

  6. Strong For Life

     /  30th April 2018

    Good riddance!!

  7. David

     /  30th April 2018

    Haven’t watched the news this year and my blood pressure is the better for it, Bradford and Vance were awful and Dann frankly wasnt as good as he thought he was.
    I do like Jessica Mutch though she is quite balanced and wasnt some crazy conspiracy theorist or bubbly socialist. I wont hold my breath for a competent replacement though and when is the PM going to get a press secretary.

  8. sorethumb

     /  30th April 2018

    CORIN You don’t want immigration to fall, though, do you? I just want to say something. I saw you in a speech after the Budget, and you were speaking to a big room of businesspeople – some of the biggest business minds in the country – and you stood up and you said, “Don’t worry about Treasury’s figure or estimation that it will go back to the trend of 12,000.” You were confident it was going to be a lot higher than that.

    JOHN I just think it’s unlikely it will go to 12,000.
    Good work!?


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