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  1. cryptoWarrior

     /  May 1, 2018

    Trump just keeps on winning:

    ” Reuters reports that Moon told a meeting of senior secretaries, according to a presidential Blue House official who briefed media:

    “President Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize. What we need is only peace.”

    This follows Moon’s comments in January that Trump “deserves big credit for bringing about the inter-Korean talks. It could be a resulting work of the U.S.-led sanctions and pressure.””

    The Globalists are fuming, their narrative that the South Korean president is securing peace with NK despite the attempts of a wicked white supremacist in the WH to start a nuclear war has collapsed like their every other attempt to sabotage the elected leader of the greatest democracy in the world.

    Heart warming.

  2. sorethumb

     /  May 1, 2018

    “White supremacy” is code for anti immigration from non white countries where whites see no clear advantage but clear disadvantage.

    For example California.
    Trump’s Intellectual Supporters came from the Golden State
    The single most visible cause of this shift was mass immigration—or, alternatively, the failure of California Republicans to adapt to immigration—which produced a demographic transformation of the Golden State without parallel in the rest of the country. The California that elected Reagan its Governor was about 80 percent white and 12 percent Hispanic; today, those figures are 38 percent and 39 percent, respectively. In other words, California squeezed into forty years a transformation that is expected to take at least a century for America as a whole (if it takes place at all, given rates of assimilation and ethnic attrition) and which many Trump supporters clearly resent and fear. The only state with a comparable post-1970 experience is New York, which is historically more accustomed than the Golden State to absorbing large immigrant populations.

    Here in NZ we have Julie Zhu (born in China telling us
    “I feel that sort of positioning of Pakeha and everyone else. I would think of the ideal as Maori and everyone else because Maori are kind of the only unique aspect of NZ that really needs to be upheld if we are to move forward and I think there just needs to be solidarity.”

    • sorethumb

       /  May 1, 2018

      Imagine if that situation had occurred because whites had said “Ohooo Let’s all go to Mexico!”? IE where is the territorial exchange (although I’ll bet it was good for GDP/ “the economy”)?

  3. sorethumb

     /  May 1, 2018

    When Trump was elected a correspondent on RNZ lamented “the melting pot is working”. Another confirmed: “the left is the internationalist left”.

    The “white supremacist” (undefined) opposition is not so unreasonable, which is why the left are so scared of them.

    Perhaps the Sailerist idea most closely echoed by the Trump movement is “citizenism,” which he describes as the philosophy that a nation should give overwhelming preference to the interests of its current citizens over foreigners, in the same way as a corporation prioritizes the interests of its current shareholders over everyone else. Effectuating this philosophy — putting “Americans First,” as he put it in 2006—would, according to Sailer, require a draconian reduction in immigration levels.
    Most liberals would take issue with citizenism as reactionary, and perhaps see it as a closeted form of the white nationalism openly championed by many bloggers on the alt-right. Yet Sailer describes citizenism as the best possible bulwark against ethnonationalist impulses. In Sailer’s view, people are naturally inclined to pursue “ethnic nepotism” — that is, to help those like themselves at the expense of those who are not. The goal of citizenism, therefore, is to redirect these energies by providing a more expansive definition of “us” than the race or tribe.
    So he is saying slow it down let people assimilate (Putnam says it has taken 50 years (in the past) to achieve cohesion.
    These new right thinkers are not afraid to say that populations have different IQ levels (while diverse within themselves) – having evolved in different geographic locations and that the solution is different placement at educational institutions rather than quotas.

    • sorethumb

       /  May 1, 2018

      people are naturally inclined to pursue “ethnic nepotism”
      whereas it is assumed the liberal logic is like H2SO4..

    • phantom snowflake

       /  May 1, 2018

      So much I could comment on here, but I’ll just choose one small piece. “populations have different IQ levels” appears to be code for something like “white/european people are intellectually superior to (most) other races.” It would be very surprising if Intelligence Tests produced by people of one race/similar races did not contain an inherent bias against people of (most) other races.

      • sorethumb

         /  May 1, 2018

        Ashkenazi Jews > East Asians > Europeans > Black Americans….?

        It would be very surprising if Intelligence Tests produced by people of one race/similar races did not contain an inherent bias against people of (most) other races.

        – Has been tested, I forget how.

    • Gezza

       /  May 1, 2018

      Marginal. I’ve decided it’s not swearing.