Nation: 1800 more police staff

On Newshub Nation this morning:

First up on Newshub Nation tomorrow, Police Minister Stuart Nash MP is live in studio to discuss how Labour is going to afford their promised 1800 new officers.

Another interview where when pushed on the costs of increasing police numbers the Minister says ‘wait for the budget’. They must have had an approximate idea of the costs for some time.

Cost of crime to NZ is $9.1 billion, according to a Treasury report from a few years ago, Nash says. But he won’t say how much new spending for policy until the Budget is released.

Says of the promised 1800 new officers, around 1100 will be on the front line.

First police stations to re-open will be in Northland and parts of Auckland, Nash says – he says he would like to see them be opened within six month.

Police Minister refutes Ministry of Justice figures that say 1000 extra cops will push 400 extra inmates into already overcrowded prison.

The short term effect on arrests and imprisonments is difficult to predict, so easy to argue with suggested numbers.

Nash wants to investigate gang affiliated people for benefit fraud – up to 90% of gang members are on the benefit.

“We’re going to take away the ‘sexiness’ of being in a gang”.

Nash is talking tough on gangs, but this is an approach that has kept failing in the past. What will be done differently?

Govt won’t decriminalise meth “I’ll tell you that much,” Nash says, but says meth addicts should not be treated as criminals”.

Another very difficult issue to deal with.

Generally Nash came across well, well informed and well spoken.

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  1. Zedd

     /  5th May 2018

    Interesting that they talked about issues around ‘Meth’ (aka P) & decrim/health approach.. but avoided the ‘elephant in the room’ the fact that NZ Police are still focusing on cannabis, esp. wiping out ALL the cultivation; which is likely the main reason people move to meth/p ?!

    • NOEL

       /  5th May 2018

      “NZ Police are still focusing on cannabis, esp. wiping out ALL the cultivation.”
      Hold it hasn’t the cry always been Policing cannabis is doesn’t work?

      • Zedd

         /  5th May 2018

        IF Police are not focusing on Cannabis, why is there a ‘Cannabis drought’ currently (Police & NZ airforce) & Meth/P & synthetics are reportedly 2-3 times more available ?

        Talk is one thing.. reality is often different !

        • Zedd

           /  5th May 2018

          This Govt. have promised a ‘reeferendum’ but it will not be binding & is at least 2 years away.. meanwhile, the busts, still continue, regardless of all the talk of ‘discretion’

  2. PartisanZ

     /  5th May 2018

    More police equals more arrests equals more pressure on the judicial system equals more custodial sentences equals more prisons … equals more expenditure of “other peoples money” … Its the simple ‘Crime & Punishment Money-go-Round’ formula …

    It’s OK though because its for the sake of ‘security’ … even though the statistics tell us we don’t get extra security from it …

    Gotta remember this is only a 675 police personnel advance on National’s promise of 1125 extra police staff in Feb 2017 … in the election year votes auction …

    Peters demanded 1800 which swung the Right Brigade further in behind NZFist … sorry NZFirst … giving him the votes to become Kongmaker … sorry Kingmaker … and the power to enforce this particular demand …

    As Zedd points out, expect more Meth/Synthetic user/addict/victims to be one of the ‘greater security’ outcomes …


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