Wellington also wants fuel tax

The regional fuel tax for Auckland could spread, if other regions get what they want.

RNZ:  Wellington council offers to join fuel tax plan

Greater Wellington Regional Council would implement a fuel tax if legislation before the house is passed, it says.

Under the proposed law change the regional fuel tax can be charged in Auckland and, from 2021, councils in other areas would also be able to implement one.

Council chair Chris Laidlaw said the tax would be put toward transport infrastructure developments.

“We already have several business cases in front of the government under consideration for rail improvements through the region including the Wairarapa … there are a variety of projects emerging from the ‘Lets Get Wellington Moving’ exercise, which is nearing completion,” Mr Laidlaw said.

He said the cost of these projects meant the council needed all the help it could get.

“They have to be paid for and the local government sector simply doesn’t have the resources to do this and our rates rises are heavy enough as it is,” he said.

He said introducing a regional fuel tax was the most sensible way of raising money for the expensive projects.

Of course other regions would like to avoid direct responsibility for rates rises by instead using different sorts of taxes.

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  1. Trevors_Elbow

     /  5th May 2018

    Just NO!!! Motorists already pay the government huge amounts via levies and taxes on Petrol. Tolls on key new road s Yes – fair enough but more taxes that can be siphoned off for non roading purposes – NO!!! (Chris Laidlaw another Labour politician who loves spending other peoples money)

    Wellington doesn’t need to spend money improving train services to the Wairarapa so high income people can commute form their country homes to jobs in Central Wellington (and that is what the Wairarapa trains are overwhelming full of, every morning and every evening.)

    If the WRC wants to get Wellington moving build the Petone to Grenada link and look at a backbone route form Newlands to the Haywoods Intersection to alleviate the snarl ups at Ngauranga interchange and put Two Lanes to the Planes (CBD to Wellington Airport double lane the whole way requiring additional tunneling at MT Vic, Basin bypass work and double laning around the Haitaitai bottleneck)

    Hell, Dunedin has better access from CBD to their airport than Wellington!! (I’m only half joking there)

    Those three initiates coupled with the completion of Transmission Gully would make traffic move much more freely around the City and wider region. Grenada/Petone would be a huge boon and alleviate a lot of State Highway 2 traffic going Petone to Ngauranga to then head to Gezza country in North Wellington. I am sure a Petone/Grenada road could be build as a toll road if priced correctly – if the price is right versus less time on the road for freight traffic from the Hutt to North Wellington, I’m sure business would support it strongly

    • Gezza

       /  5th May 2018

      Sensible stuff. Stand for council.

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  5th May 2018

        Who complains about the Northern toll road? Only PZ who thinks it is a waste of money. 90% of road users are happy to pay $2.50 rather than use the old free route he thinks is somehow adequate. It works efficiently and should be a model for a proper roading system in a grownup country.

      • Trevors_elbow

         /  5th May 2018

        Ha! I think not Gezza I’m unelected on a constrain expenses, cut rates, dumpbthe frills platform. People want freebies on other peoples money.. which I oppose whole heartedly

  2. NOEL

     /  5th May 2018

    Ok so we have an Auckland Regional tax which will be levied on the fuel companies who can recover as they see fit. As some have suggested a fuel user in Invercargill could pay towards Auckland and now they want to add Wellington.

    • Blazer

       /  5th May 2018

      good ideas catch on…instead of just slamming ratepayers…this levy makes sense.

  3. Strong For Life

     /  5th May 2018

    Christchurch City Council have also said that they want a fuel tax, er… levy!

  4. PartisanZ

     /  5th May 2018

    So they should …

    Why shouldn’t they have what the rest of the country is getting … ?

  1. Wellington also wants fuel tax — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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