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“Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat?”

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  1. Gezza

     /  11th May 2018

    The ducks in the stream have now all paired up into couples. For several days I could hear what I thought at first was a new bird, whistling, which I couldn’t place. I couldn’t see any unusual kind of bird flying around. Then there were large numbers of these whistles coming from all over down in the stream, which had mostly been full of duck hens for about a month, but now was also full of purebreed mallard drakes and mallard/grey-duck hybrid drakes.

    They cruise around in male and female groups looking to pair up & breed. And then they stay together as a devoted couple until the hen has laid her eggs. Courting and choosing a partner ends with a lot of bobbing up and down of heads by both hen and drake, once the hen has picked her lucky suitor. After that the hen loudly & agitatedly warns off any other romantic unattached drake. Sometimes the beau will also steer or chase the interloper away.

    And one of the things I discovered a drake will sometimes do to get the females’ attention is to suddenly bob down in the water and raise himself up – and whistle. Once I had read this I saw them doing it everywhere – but it happens so quickly, and at such random times, that it took me several days to actually get one doing it on video.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  11th May 2018

      Whenever I feel ‘the urge’,
      I strike an amorous note,
      And something in that note
      Convinces me that I’m quite a stud,

      I whistle an amorous tune,
      And every single time
      The sweetness of that tune
      Convinces girls that I’m quite a stud !

      Tell yourself you’re ‘it’,
      And the trick will take you far,
      You will get a girl
      Who will think that you’re a star !

      Tweedle-eep-eep-eep-lah !
      You will get a girl
      Who will think that – you’re – a – star !

      Words by C Drake

      Music by Lerner and Lowe


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