Despite wedding media mania majority still prefer NZ head of state

A poll done by Curia Research for NZ republic shows little change in support for a New Zealand head of state versus the monarchy.

  • Would like an elected head of state 45%
  • Would like a head of state selected by Parliament 11%
  • TOTAL for NZ head of state 56%
  • Next head of state to be a British monarch 38%

The poll was conducted last week during widespread royal wedding coverage. It had 930 respondents, margin of error of 3.2%.

Trend for NZ head of state:

  • 44% June 2014)
  • 47% (April 2015)
  • 59% (August 2016)
  • 56% (May 2018)

NZH: All the best to Harry and Meghan, but a Kiwi head of state still preferred, survey shows

“The latest poll results show support for the next head of state to be a New Zealander is still in the majority, 18 percentage points clear of support for the British Monarch” a campaign spokesman said.

Support for a republic was favoured by more than half of all age groups except those in the 61 and older bracket, where support dipped to 49 per cent. However, even in that case the number was higher than support for continuing the monarchy, with 46 per cent in favour and 5 per cent undecided.

However, Sean Palmer from Monarchy New Zealand said it was misleading to combine responses favouring a Kiwi head of state.

Those who wanted a democratically elected head of state might favour continuing the monarchy over Parliament deciding and visa versa, he said.

Calling the republic campaigners “out of touch”, Palmer said republicanism was an out of date, 20th-century idea.

“We live in a modern interconnected world that’s constantly shrinking.”

“When I’m speaking to young people, that’s the thing they’re concerned with – how is New Zealand going to fit into the modern world.”

Recent attention to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding and the joy in New Zealand at Prince Louis’ birth showed interest in the Windsors was anything but waning, Palmer argued.

That’s media attention. It is no indication of general public opinion.

“There is no indication of New Zealanders losing their interest or association with the monarchy.”

The poll suggests otherwise. Palmer did not back his claims with any other poll data.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  23rd May 2018

    Were people joyful about Prince Louis ? That seems a bit extreme.

    I must admit to being very tired of endless non-news about the wedding, 15 minutes of news time telling us nothing but the information that it was 6 hours away and that all these people were there already.

  2. Missy

     /  23rd May 2018

    I would be interested if that changes when (if) the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit NZ in October as planned.

    • Gezza

       /  23rd May 2018

      No, I don’t think it will, Missy. He’s no 6 in line for the throne now. Way off beam for head of state. No doubt the media will fawn all over them & report on her outfits and what a lovely chap he is and list some of his virtues, and no doubt a few expat poms & home grown royalty tragics will get all gooey eyed, but the rest of any hullabaloo will just be the usual 5-minute-wonder fascination with celebrities a certain percentage of the population always seems to have. Once they’ve departed our shores everyone who’s not a pom will go back to being kiwis and wanting our own head of state.

  1. Despite wedding media mania majority still prefer NZ head of state — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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