Chris Hipkins on Q&A

Chris Hipkins will be interviewed on Q&A this morning.

His responsibilities:

  • Minister of Education
  • Minister of State Services
  • Minister responsible for State Services
  • Leader of the House

He should be asked about slippage in his his school donations policy – see School donations another delayed promise.

He may also be asked about the growing dysfunction in Parliament’s Question Time. Update – no, the interview stuck to education.

Stuff: A complete overhaul of NCEA level one has been recommended to Government

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has received a report back from his ministerial advisory group, which was set up to review the qualification, that proposes new achievement standards at level one that are specific to school projects.

The focus would be on less assessment and would get rid of the need for external exams – instead students would pick a project for the year and concentrate on improving literacy and numeracy.

The new level one would be made up of 40 credits – half of the current qualification – and would be about more than just being “an easier NCEA level 2”, the advisory group said.

“The rebuilt level one wouldn’t replace the wide range of courses currently offered – and we expect that it will remain an option, rather than a mandatory step for all learners.

“For many learners, their favourite courses will be at the heart of their projects and could be a basis for developing literacy and numeracy.”

The benefits of changing the level one standards, instead of scrapping the system, would “enable learners to pick a project which reflects their identity, language, culture and aspirations,” the advisory group said.

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  1. Reply
    • PDB

       /  27th May 2018

      “Including the workforce, but not just the workforce.”

      I’d be interested in hearing from her what “skills & capacities to operate in our complex society” don’t benefit/aren’t applicable to the workforce.

      • Gerrit

         /  27th May 2018

        Totally agree. Employers would be happy to employ people who have the skills to participate in society.

        Able to read and write, do sums, be punctual, be honest, show respect, able to mingle and liaison with others, be aware of ones own strength and weaknesses, be self responsible, have an ability to learn, manage their own finances, etc., etc.

      • Gezza

         /  27th May 2018

        Now you’re just inventing something to have a go at. She doesn’t say any aren’t.

  2. Corky

     /  27th May 2018

    ”Our education system is NOT about creating workers. It’s about education, ensuring people have the skills and capacities to operate in our complex society. ”

    Whatever it’s about education has failed on the above two criteria. I see Labour is trying to spin it that employers want a more comprehensive education qualification that provides more information on students. Well, that’s not what employers are telling talkback: in a nutshell, employers want job applicants who can read and write. Many employers relate they have young job applicants who tick all the boxes except being able to read and write and think on their feet.

    National needs a serve on this issue,too. They did nothing for three terms.

  3. David

     /  27th May 2018

    That NCEA system is an absolute boondoggle that no one can make head nor tail of good on Hipkins for looking at it.
    So far all of Labours moves in education have been teacher union centric, National Standards going (see Wales who dropped out of the UK standards based system and now no kid can read or write) and the end of charter schools shows where this guys loyalties lie, could be surprised but doubt it.

    • Gezza

       /  27th May 2018

      I think I’ll watch this Q&A session properly. Iewes featured a sound bite of the head of the Principals Association saying he had a slight concern about “this fixation with literacy & numeracy permeating again into the high school area”.

      Every week I seem to have to grit my teeth sometimes more than once & listen to our bloody Prime Minister say “sumpthink” when she means “something”, and “anythink” when she means “anything”. I presume she says the same thing when she even reads the words written down in a speech. And she’s got right through the bloody education system & got a flaming BA in Communications.

      She’s semi-literate as far as I’m concerned. Too right we need to still focus on literacy!

    • Gezza

       /  27th May 2018

      Well I’ve watched both of the clips in PG’s post above. I think Hipkins came across well. Has a reasonably good handle on his portfolio, imo. I’m expecting to see some genuine improvements in the education system if his ideas all go to plan. Good to see he recognises numeracy & literacy are critical skills that must be taught at NCEA level where employers & others are finding them lacking or very poor – when they are so important for living in the modern world – even for trades like carpentry.


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