Greens scoff at National+Green option.

In their latest poll Newshub did the usual pointless prediction of possible governing numbers (an election has never been decided on a media poll):

These two alternatives presume two major things:

  • That NZ First will not make the threshold – predicting the political demise of NZF and Winston Peters has been proven wrong many times over the years.
  • That Greens would consider a coalition with National over Labour.

It was made very clear during the last term, and especially during coalition negotiations last year, that Greens did not see National as an option for them.

Greens have virtually said that unless National adopts all the Green Party policies then they won’t consider any political alliance (this is ironic given the number of compromises Greens have made with Labour and especially with NZ First, but that’s another story).

This was reiterated by Green party member Matthew Whitehead at The Standard in Pollwatch: Reid Research, 27/05/2018

There is zero chance, despite what Newshub implies, that the Greens will even look at today’s National Party as a valid coalition partner. You would need 75% of Green delegates at our AGM to agree to even consider a coalition deal from them, and the perception that we could do so tends to hurt us in polling. Implying such a deal would even be considered is pretty mischievious.

John Hart, who was 12 on the Green list for 2017 and was expected to become an MP until the Green’s crashed a month before the election, tweeted:

@farmgeek So ACT isn’t included in the Labour/Greens numbers because that would be ridiculous right? And yet lumping Greens in with National…

@StewartLundNZ I think the point was to show that without the Greens, National has no shot at getting back in. But labour would only need the Greens – no need for Act’s seat

@farmgeek That’s cool, but I’d prefer they stick with reality-based scenarios.

@MJWhitehead  Yeah, the correct thing to do here would just be to show NACT at 59 because that coalition ain’t happening with National looking anything like it does today.

@ConanMcKegg Really trying to push that Blue Greens narrative still. I’d have thought that would have died by now.

Gahhhhhhhhh — what part of the Greens will never ever be in govt with National do media not get !? P o l i c y s – light years apart.

I haven’t seen anyone in Greens suggest that going with national in any way was a possibility. They look fully committed to Labour or bust.

Interestingly I can see no poll reaction from @NZGreens, jamespeshaw or @maramadavidson – actually they have been veryu quiet on everything over the weekend.

But that won’t change the apparent impossibility of a National+Green option.

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  1. Trevors_elbow

     /  28th May 2018

    So the Greens are jst a divison of Labour and its about left wing policies not the environment.

    I love that message… big opening for National to exploit

    • alloytoo

       /  28th May 2018

      and as history shows, socialism is bad for the economy and the environment.

      • Gerrit

         /  28th May 2018

        Socialism is ntt just bad for the economy and the environment but also the people.

        China not only has big brother watching you, it now also judges you as well.

        If you don’t conform, restrictions on what you can do in regards travel, internet access, jobs, benefits, etc.

        The must scariest socialist scenario yet and called social credit .

        “Social Credit, a harmless sounding phrase is the unholy marriage of big data with the proverbial ‘Big Brother’ under which, the state grades citizens as ‘trustworthy’ or not.

        Ostensibly the system is intended to address the trust deficit in the Chinese business environment and society. The state collates data on a wide range of criteria that include but are not limited to financial behavior, credit history, traffic or public transport violations, social media presence, participation in online consumer forums, political views expressed at online portals, school and college scores etc. Everything is grist to this mill including your rating as a consumer on a taxi app, library borrowings, medical history, shopping behavior, possibly even dating apps. The score generated locks the individual into a system of punitive and reward measures.”

        “The first nationwide punitive impact of the social credit system targets the ability of citizens to travel within the country. In 2017 the Chinese government had denied air-tickets to over six million people traveling to their families during the Chinese Lunar Festival for having low social credit scores. This ranking system makes the most vulnerable sections of Chinese society even more prone to abuse by the state and the market. This includes rural migrants who might not be logged into urban household registration systems, minority populations that are currently more heavily surveilled than Han Chinese and people with less access to higher spending to push up their social credit scores. Specifically in Xinjiang and Tibet, the two minority regions of China, this is likely to further curtail the freedom of movement of people both within and outside these regions.”


        • Blazer

           /  28th May 2018

          substitute Social Credit in the essay with nouveau spyside capitalism and it is a fair reflection of western …democracy these days.
          Nothing to hide,nothing to…fear…remnember.

  2. Corky

     /  28th May 2018

    I’ve only learnt one thing in life…don’t burn any bridges, no matter how rickety and unstable they look. Just look at Trumpy and that other dude with the weird haircut..

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  28th May 2018

      Too many Greens have burnt their brains as well as their bridges.

      • Corky

         /  28th May 2018

        Aye…New Zealand Green isn’t as harmless as many believe.

        • Zedd

           /  28th May 2018

          Aye…New Zealand Green isn’t as harmless as many believe. sez ckry

          ha ha ha… “I tried & didnt inhale” sez ainI

  3. PDB

     /  28th May 2018

    The Greens are but the Mana party in disguise – National should want nothing to do with them.

  4. “…ironic given the number of compromises Greens have made with Labour and especially with NZ First”. If the greens actually talked to National, then in theory they could actually have a better chance of getting their policies implemented. Think Winston 1996.

  5. Zedd

     /  28th May 2018

    Greens scoff at National+Green option. sez PG

    tautoko te korero o te pati kakariki..

    a ‘blue-green’ (if there is such a thing) coalition would more likely favour ‘TOP’ rather than ‘the green party’

  6. The Greens are but the Mana party in disguise – National should want nothing to do with them. sez pDb

    I agree with pt 2.. the greens should have nothing to do with NaTl

  1. Greens scoff at National+Green option. — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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